Coming to a call in flip flops, shorts and no equipment doesn’t make one a fireman – Town Fathers and Mothers get your act in gear and protect the Town you are supposed to serve

Just because our Fire Chief is going to calls in his flip flops and shorts does not make him a “Fire Department”,  There appears to be no one else that goes to assist, except for one medical call, and we heard that the patient turned Andrew and his Spouse away.

Where are the certified firefighters? Where is the appropriate equipment? Where is the support staff? Why can’t our officials understand they made a H U G E  mistake, apologize, terminate the Steve and Andrew Show and beg Kevin Pittman and the brotherhood back as firefighters for White Springs?

You are doing a disservice to our Town and at this point, if you choose Stacy, Andrew and Steve over that which the Charter requires, obviously you do not have a brain in your head.

I am so tired of lies and people talking but not doing what they are supposed to be doing and that is protecting the Town.  Yes, Steve, you have made up some good stories but the Town’s people are seeing the light and what they see is not good.

Oh and yes, Joe Griffin has requested the fire logs.  When he called, they said “we were wondering when you would be requesting them?”   Yes, this is a clusterfu.k


Karin for the blog.

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