Citizens of White Springs Let the Town know you are not happy with your current Fire Department and want our firefighters under Kevin Pittman back.

If you want our old Fire Department back with Kevin Pittman as Fire Chief along with the greatest firefighters White Springs has ever seen, you need to let your councilors know.

Right now we have ambulance service only through Steve Stith and Andrew Greene and although that is important, it is a financial opportunity for Steve Stith as well.  It does not have our full interests at heart.

For those of you who do not have insurance or own a mobile home a frame residence or a business, it is imperative we get our fire department back, and remove Steve Stith and Andrew Greene from Fire Department duties.  Andrew cannot fight fires and only wishes to remain as Assistant Chief because he is allowed to use the Fire SUV as a personal vehicle which is not right.

Please write Stacy Tebo at Town Hall and tell her you want our old Firefighters Back.  If you prefer to just write a note on this blog, we will be happy to post it as well


We need our professional firefighters under the direction of Kevin Pittman back.  As citizens we have the right to choose, not Stacy Tebo as manager.

Karin for the blog

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