Citizens it is time you demand the return of our former firefighters

Our former volunteer firefighters were required to pay for their own training and to my knowledge the Town has never provided any enticement, monetary stipend for firefighting,  Even though there was $17,000 provided by Hamilton County, I can guarantee none of it was used to cover the expensive gear firefighters must have.  Citizens who care are fearful that if they donated money it would be taken into the Town coffers rather than going to the Fire Department.  After all there was no cap on legal expenses!

We already lost two firefighters before I moved to White Springs and how the Town Officials can be that ignorant to not understand that our firefighters place their life on the line to save property and human lives is beyond the pale. 

This is the training the ISO requires of Volunteers and Chief Kevin Pittman was the only Chief who complied with this training and that is the reason we have a class 5, not because of Steve Stith:

Company Training of 16 hours per month for a total 192 hours per year; Six hours of Hazardous Materials Training; 12 hours per year of Driver Training; 60 hours of New Driver Training; 12 hours per year of Officer Training; 240 hours of Recruit State Certification Training; 18 hours per year at Facility training Center previously called Training Drills; and One Pre-Planning Review per year.


As you can see once a Volunteer completes their training they can use both online courses and hands-on activities to complete requirements, but each volunteer and the Chief have many requirements to fulfill.  And these requirements are automatically tracked and reports must be generated perfectly for the ISO reviewing processes.  Being a Firefighter is probably one of the most difficult and in White Springs, one of the most Thankless jobs.


White Springs Officials, Manager and Staff:  I hope that you are happy that you have damaged our volunteer firefighter program beyond repair.  You have treated our firefighters unfairly for years and even confiscated money the fire department received as donations and drives for your own use.  You do not assist our volunteers with their education; you are unwilling to work with our Chief or our volunteers, treating them unfairly and dishonorably and you do not even offer a stipend  when the firefighters are using their own transportation and hours to fight fires and to maintain our Fire Department.  Shame on all of you for disparaging our former Firefighters and their Chief Kevin Pittman.  It is the Citizens who ultimately have been hurt by your continual follies


White Springs has been dysfunctional since I can remember.  The same officials are voted in bi-yearly and they will do anything in their power to stop an outsider from coming in.  For those that are newly elected, they are chosen because of the color of their skin and not that they have a clue about what the Citizens require.  That is because they have their own agendas and none of these agendas include assisting the Citizens of White Springs.  Maybe when realize we no longer have a fire department  and have not had one for over 18 months, and it hits you in your pocket book or your house burns down and you have no insurance, you will finally realize how important firefighters are and that you allowed our officials to get rid of the best firefighters our Town has ever had.  

 Karin Griffin

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