Check the Town Website to review the personnel manual and Committee and Boards procedures Draft and make your comments, if any, to Mr. Jones

Personnel policy changes instituted by Ms. Logan, our Town Attorney was then discussed..  Mayor Miller asked of her council what  if Any questions and comments they may have.  She said that they should get those to Tommie and recommended so that he can put it on the Town Website for two weeks while our future manual is being prepared   Miller stated she wished to get public comments

Mayor Miller also wished the same things for boards and committees on the Town Website and this way the Council and the Public can make comments to Mr. Jones. This gives everyone an opportunity to increase awareness of how the Town Staff is being organized,  what the roles of community chairs are and she would like to urge  that it be  put on website so the council members and the public at larges can see those changes..  The motion for this information to be on the website was made by Miller and seconded by CM Tom Moore..

In the discussion of Policy and procedures for boards and committees, she inquired whether Council members Nicole William and Anita Rivers have reviewed them and she asked for their feedback..  She then asked whether there was any issue with them being on the website.  As long as there is an explanation that it is a draft commented Tom Moore.

Mayor Miller also after she finally recognized that Ordinance 12-01 relating to the fire department was in play, we believe, she then stated that she would like to Treat the Fire Department as an equal basis with the Police Department.  The policy manual will give the Town Council a chance to facilitate that change of the Fire Department to be on  the same footing as the Police Department.   4-0 put on website.  Beverly Brazil heard it as well.

You will note that I have pinned the changes which were made in the draft which were provided by Ms. Logan on the blog.  What surprises me, especially with two of the council women is that they seem to vote but not know what they are reviewing.  Although Anita Rivers mentioned she reviewed it she did not have a single comment which is usual.  They wait for Mayor Miller to handle it.

Now you will note from my comments in my review there were definitions missing and some of the changes were virtually minor.  But if anything, I would have thought someone would have read the definitions and realized especially with full time being changed to part time and the fact that there are no benefits for those who work part time based upon a 30 hour week.

There is also a change relative to equal employment opportunities and the statement that the Equal Employment Officer, whoever that may be, will work with the Attorney to resolve the problem.  Pages 23-25 were skipped in the draft as well as some wording changes throughout.   

What I do not understand is that we are going to place the entire information on the website as a draft and expect the Citizens to read the entire manual and make comments.  Why in the world wasn’t a summary made of the changes which would have been easier to read.  In other words, I made up the summary of changes (of course that may have been changed again by the council after Ms. Logan sent it to us), so that our readers would know what changes were made.  Why on earth would they be expected to read everything.

It can’t be disappointing to know that this council especially is disorganized and doesn’t follow basic sunshine laws and until it becomes insurmountable and the Town goes in bankruptcy, there will be no changed. Helen Miller rules and now she has her perfect council.

A summary of changes, just like those people would be voting on at an election, would have made a world of difference for the Public and the two councilwomen who obviously could not figure it out or felt they had to do anything but vote with Mayor miller.

Now as respects Ordinance 12-01 Giving the Town Council the sole discretion in determining the manner for providing Fire Protection Services, placing it in the Personnel folder from its original intent in 2012 does not change the Charter no matter if the public is aware or not,.  It does allow the council the full authority as that for the Police Department and as long as no one on the council disputes it….which can’t happen with all the cousins as council persons….then it should be considered to be voted upon by the public in the next election so that we have a valid charter change.   

Just remember, you cannot trust this council to not change something midstream to their benefit; but if you wish to have a say, you need to become active by questioning the members, by securing information through Chapter 119 and especially by being vocal for those things you feel are wrong.

Many of you have made your comments to us on how ill the Town is run especially with your unhappiness of Mr. Jones being a Town Manager as a consultant.  They, the council members and staff (after he removed who he did not like and hired his first cousin) love him and he is now related to three of the councilwomen, so do not expect any of these people to not vote for Tommie Jones to continue as the Consultant/Town Manager.  We can only do so much and know that the majority of you who have cited your complaints to us, cannot get involved because of your positions in the community.  So we just have to allow this Council and Jones take the Town down to ruins and then when the corruption is gone, then perhaps some good people will apply for the positions and run for office. 

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