Can’t afford Spa Days? Try these tips.

What does one do in this economy when you no longer may afford spa days or personal beautification?  When you are young, your skin seems to be resilient and the worse which transpires is a blemish. Yet, there are those older females who do not secure laser treatments or require wrinkle repair by laser. botox or plastic surgery.  They look as young or if not younger than those who have had such treatments which sometimes may have deformed their natural looks. They have not had to experience a knife or suffer extensive pain of having work done.


I am not a doctor nor do I believe my way is the best, but because I wish to assist you in being the best that you can be, I am providing you with my most secret beautification remedies.  They are simple and they are at a low cost.


Remember when your grandmother may have said, scrub; just scrub your face.  Now my grandmother was wise.  She did not tell me to use soap but to scrub with water and a washcloth.  Now for those of you who feel your face will not be clean, I would suggest using, only weekly, isopropyl alcohol. By applying it to your face and using cotton or a tissue, it not only cleans out the pores, but it decreases the size of your pores.  If you use a lot of makeup, you may have to clean with alcohol more frequently. It is excellent for cleaning all areas of your facial and neck area and can be purchased at a low cost.


But there is something most important that you must do to moisturize daily so that your face will not dry out.  I, like most of you, have tried a majority of products which stipulate providing collagen and a youthful appearance.  You purchase a small amount of a product for a very large price.  And, that product may last you up to 30 days so that you again will have to purchase more products at a high price. Yet, sometimes the results are not what you expect but what you hope for. But there is a product that I have used since my 20’s, which is at a very low cost and the product will last a year, keeping one’s skin resilient and young. That product consists of:


  • One jar of Porcelana
  • Vitamin E capsules (the liquid Vitamin E is too fluid) –to fill up the empty jar of Stick a needle or pin into the capsule and squeeze
  • One large tube of Preparation H…or a lower cost Wal-mart equate equivalent
  • ½ jar of Olay active hydrating beauty fluid or equate Beauty lotion used mainly to provide a nice scent.


Once you whip the ingredients place it into jars and use a small amount in the morning on your face as well as in the evening before you retire.  You will note that you do not have to use a lot to get the required results and it does not take long to absorb into your skin. You will find that it also naturally exfoliates the skin when you scrub your face with water. And you will not suffer age spots because Porcelana removes them automatically.


Before you become repulsed with the fact of using Preparation H on your face; remember it has been a modeling trick for years, in order to get the bags out from under your eye.  And that suppository, works swiftly for the extra eye lift.


So what can you do with the rest of your body? I would suggest taking time out from your schedule to have at least a one hour spa bath weekly.   Do what they do in Sweden to stay youthful….use a loofah sponge to exfoliate or if you feel really secure, use a pumice stone.  Lock the bathroom door and enjoy your spa.


If you are not able to pull natural pumice stones from a water body such as Mammoth or other areas which produce these stones, purchase an excellent expensive stone ranging from $7.00 to $10.00.  It will take off all dry skin while bathing.  Not only will you no longer have to use lotion which just camouflages the dry skin you have not removed, but your skin will be refreshed and soft.  For some reason it removes hair so you are not continually shaving.  Hair follicles just begin to disappear whether from your leg and arm areas but also from your underarm areas.   It is a great feeling not to have to be concerned about shaving continually and yet have a youthful look to your skin.


If you are concerned and wish a quick fix on wrinkles, or perhaps you have a scar which you have been unable to remove, I would suggest Clinique’s new product “repair wear laser focus.  One can see the results in a week.  Since I do not have wrinkles, I used it for a scar and could not believe the results within just a week alone.  I know that is not the purpose of this product, but after difficulty of finding anything else which would work after suffering an accident and applying the wrong product to the affected area; I am amazed with the results. I just considered the scar as a large wrinkle which my cream was slowly taking out but which Clinique’s product started erasing immediately.


If you still get blemishes on occasion, a small amount of honey placed on the blemish, will assist in diminishing its effect.  Honey is a great healing device and if used internally as well, it assists in eliminating or preventing the common cold…about a tablespoon a day.  Make certain it is honey from your region if you are using it internally.  Different components come from different areas. The aloe plant also assists with other skin irritations.


Exercise is important.  I have always preferred weight training to any other form of exercise equipment when I belong to a gym.  When inquiring about what I wished to do with abs and continued leg strength, the trainer gave me some excellent insight.  He pointed to some of the women and men who trained on general exercise equipment rather than utilizing weights in their training.  These people had attended the gym regularly without a resultant weight reduction or change in their body appearance.  It all stems from using or not using weights to achieve your ultimate body.  Walking apparatuses without climbing hills per see do not assist your body either.  And if you lose inches but do not lose as much weight, remember muscles weigh more than fat but they add to a greater shape overall.


It doesn’t matter whether you have a gym membership.  Pick up some five pound weights and use them in your exercises.  And since music is great for the soul, whether the rhythm of rap or Latino music or just hard rock, place those weights in your hand moving them in various directions as you dance on the floor.  By securing muscle tone through the use of weights, you will not be subject to flabby arms and dancing assists the balance of your body muscular development.  Understand your body.  You can feel when the weights are working and you also will know whether certain exercises may not be good for you.  Isometric exercises are also great when you have no opportunity to be in a gym or have the time to exercise.


Last but not least, make certain you remove the majority if not all of the salt out of your diet.  There are so many herbs and spices which bring out the flavors of your meats and vegetables that you will find you will not even miss salt.  It will mean that you will have to review the salt content of your canned foods if fresh foods are not used.  Yet, it is heart healthy and you may not be subject to blood pressure problems.  When you do then occasionally go to a restaurant, you will find which ones produce the best foods.   Those who cover up their poor cooking habits use a lot of salt and you will find the salt content unbearable even though you may have enjoyed their foods in the past.


Poultry white meat and fish are the healthiest proteins.  If you are eating beef, make certain it is only on occasion or that it is very lean.  It was great to learn recently that soy sauce contains a cancer fighter.  Since soy adds a salt like flavor, I always buy the reduced salt soy.  If you wish a great marinate use ½ cup of soy sauce; ¼ cup of Worcestershire and about a teaspoonful or more to your taste of liquid smoke.  Throw in a little olive oil and marinate your lean beef…or it even works for chicken when making shish-ka-bobs.  You will enjoy the exquisite flavors.


Ethan Belk (Tufts New England Medical Center, Director stipulates soy sauce made from soybeans is a very advantageous position.  It can reduce harmful LDL cholesterol.  Belk’s states for every 1% reduction in the amount of LDL, they can correspond to a decrease of 1% of the risk of heart attack or cramps.  Because soy has the similar effects of estrogen, it is recommended by Belk to alleviate menopausal symptoms and to replace hormone choice. Although there was stated to have been risks for breast cancer in Western women, it did not have the same effect on Asian women and recently has been new findings that soy sauce includes a cancer fighting ingredient.


You may take vitamins if you wish but remember, your cravings will indicate what you are missing.  Listen to your body.  Eat only when you are hungry and since stress usually produces overeating, try to clear your mind of all stress, drink water (throw out all carbonated drinks) or juice before your meal.  If you need something to make you feel more at peace, try a couple of chocolate pieces but make certain it is dark chocolate such as 85% cocoa.


Do your research.  Although these items may work for some of us, each of our body systems reacts differently.  I know genetics play a greater factor on how some of us may appear younger than those of our similar chronological age, but how we take care of our bodies also produces astounding results.  I can honestly state that even with great genetics, my skin is healthier than it was some 20 years ago.  I have been mistaken as one who is much younger than my chronological age. Sometimes it presents a problem, but I prefer being the best that I can be. And I hope this information may assist you as well.


For those of you who enjoy growing old, and feel your next step is death, forget it.  You have a problem.  Instead consider taking an Amino Acid complex.  It will not only take away your depression, but it will assist in developing good muscular development.  And make certain you laugh.  Laughter assists in alleviating problems.


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