Rumor has it Andrew was seen at Burger King today in Lake City ordering a double whooper and almost past out from all the smoke coming out the broiler inside. good thing his wife Dominique was there and revived him.

Let’s not forget about how this whole thing started. Yeah we’re talking about you Lil Joe Fire Marshall Greene. This whole thing started because his daddy Big Joe went to the Ratt and got him to fire Pittman and bring in Stith. Just to protect his little boy. Even though Lil Joe no longer works full time for the city he still has the title of Town Fire Marshall and they’re probably still paying him for nothing. Just another name on a roster that’s never going show up.. Also did we ever find out how much vacation and sick leave he built up and never used before he left? No! that’s got to be a lot of time on the books. Hell I bet his leave pay check was probably more than the average White Springs citizen makes in a year. also if we knew how much sick and vaction leave he had when he left that might be a clue to how much work time he may have stole over years because no one was watching him and making him take leave when he was off instead of just paying him for not being there.

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