BRING OUR BROTHERHOOD OF FIREFIGHTERS BACK – A reminder of what you said at the time, Councilor McKenzie; think about how great it was and bring our guys back.



From left to right Antonia Perez, Peter Shanks, Chief Engineer Thomas Brazil, Lieutenant Brad Meeks, Captain Cecil Brownfield, and Fire Chief Kevin Pittman were recognized at the White Springs Town Council meeting.

WHITE SPRINGS — The White Springs Fire Chief Kevin Pittman, recognized five new members with the White Springs Volunteer Fire Department at Tuesday’s Town Council meeting: Captain Cecil Brownfield, Lieutenant Brad Meeks, Chief Engineer and Operator Thomas Brazil, Peter Shanks, and Antonio Perez. There are nine new members and a total of 16 members altogether.

The group of men spent a total of 294 volunteer hours becoming certified to be apart of the White Springs Volunteer Fire Department. Sixteen hours were spent becoming Emergency Vehicle Operations (EVO) certified. Thirty-two hours taking a wild land firefighting course and certification. Forty individual hours taking a EMR class, which is one step below the EMT training class. The firefighters spent about 40 percent doing computer training and the remaining 60 percent doing hands on training.

“You guys go way over the top when it comes to volunteering that kind of hours, and this fire department has come a long way. It’s happen because people willing to volunteer their time and their efforts,“ Councilman Walter McKenzie said. “And it’s so important and it’s so huge and it makes such a big difference to this town. We were in a lot of trouble with our fire protection as you all well know. And you guys turned the tide and made a difference.”A NUMBER 1 CHIEF WITH PASSIONS AND SKILLS.

WHITE SPRINGS – Kevin Pittman has been named the new White Springs Fire Chief.

According to Pittman, he  has been volunteering at the White Springs Volunteer Fire Department for a while and when the former fire chief resigned, his fellow firefighters asked him to serve as Fire Chief. Pittman was a paramedic when he decided to take firefighter training in 2005. He has  volunteered at Dowling Park Volunteer Fire Department and Suwannee Fire Rescue.He said he never understood why people would run into a burning building until he started volunteering.“It’s not about the glory of putting a fire out, it’s about the brotherhood,” Pittman said.Pittman said the fire department has training and certifications they need to get caught up on.

“My goal is to have, hopefully, some of the best firefighters as far as training, standards and integrity is concerned,” Pittman said.He added he wants the White Springs Volunteer Fire Department to be able to offer and provide the best response and protection for the citizens of White Springs. The White Springs Volunteer Fire Department currently has seven members. Pittman would like to have 15 to 20 members.He encourages everyone who would like to volunteer to pick up an application at White Springs Town Hall. He added that lack of training should not stop them from volunteering. He will work with volunteers to get them the training the need.Jessie R. Box is a reporter for the Suwannee Democrat, Jasper News and Mayo Free Press. Her beats include general assignment, government and police. ​





This is the only way the Town will be safe or feel safe again


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