Another of Tebo’s Companies we have no info on but are paying $930 a month

 Who is Innovative Network Solutions?  Well it is an IT program that White Springs pays $930 a month for.  You would think that we could secure an IT service locally in Lake City like Startech or Jim Smith locally  but No, Ms. Tebo likes to spend your money.


Innovative Network Solutions contend that they are a competitive IT firm with firm fixed pricing with the support of real local people  24/7. Innovative ANetwork Solutions provides face to face interaction with staff as well as dedicated on-site time and a 24/7 help desk.


“Many Managed IT Providers claim their IT Services are flat rate, but will charge extra for on-site IT support, after hours calls, project support, or simply have limitations to the support their willing to provide. Innovative Network Solutions, Inc. offers the most comprehensive IT Service plans amongst all IT Managed Service Providers. All of our clients on our IT Maintenance service agreements receive:
  • Proactive IT maintenance
  • On-site, remote, after hours, emergency and project support
  • Dedicated on-site days
  • Inventory management
  • Telecommunication Management and more…
If we are scheduled to be on-site one day a week but we run into a major issue that requires us to come back the next day, you won’t be charged anything extra. System Administration, Network Administration, Cyber Security, you name it, whatever services you need, all… included.”
9300 Conroy Windermere Rd. #217
Windermere, FL 34786
Sales: (800) 470-7001
Innovative Network Solutions, Inc. performs regular maintenance, monitors your systems to prevent downtime and keeps your technology running smoothly.


*Website Support can be included in your monthly flat rate in addition to the IT Maintenance. Website Development is a onetime fee that can be paid up front or spread into monthly payments with an IT Maintenance agreement. Contact us to discuss details on Web Services pricing.”  This of course was in tiny foremat on their site.  But Ms. Tebo apparently had a contract signed by whom, I do not know but we will find out.
These last four years of council members who allowed Tebo to do as she pleased without getting bids is out of control and the sad part is that Vice Mayor McKenzie said that we can’t take all services away because that will not assist us.  Well Vice Mayor McKenzie, with the entities we are paying, it makes us wonder if you may be concerned about “Grand Theft”.  Municipalities are to secure bids, but not Ms. Tebo, she spends money on what she wants and doesn’t care how it would affect the Town.
What is interesting is that Innovative Networking has a low point of service starting at $300 a month and can go up to $3,200 a month.  Since we pay $930 a month it would be interesting to see what we are getting under this contract.


In any event, Mayor Miller has asked for contracts and information on what we are receiving for $930 a month and Ms. Tebo was not too happy.


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  1. Stacy keep Innovative Network because they’re the ones who locked me out of certain screens to hinder me from doing my work productively. That was part of her plan to to get rid of me. The same people tried to give Stacy access to the Police Dept. server which the Chief had to tell them that neither them nor Stacy were allowed access. It was another way for Stacy to set the Chief up, but it was against the law for her to have access. That’s the ONLY reason.

    Anita Rivers

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