Another Dilemma There will be a special meeting at 5:00 pm tomorrow June 5th. This is another thing Tebo should have handled

It has been established by the Hamilton County School district that it is the intent of the School Board to eliminate all liabilities which they can regarding the various schools which have been closed down; to either lease the buildings or to sell the buildings by reasons of the high insurance costs.

Clarence Strong of the Strong Foundation was told that the Hamilton County School Board requires insurance for the Basketball Camps which are to be held at South Hamilton Elementary, starting Monday.

On April 25th, Clarence Strong received an email with an attachment.  Assuming the e-mail attachment was a certificate of insurance from Stacy Tebo, he was not originally concerned since Stacy Tebo said she’d handle it and due to the fact that the Town had corruption with its computer system. However, he attempted to get the paper copy of the Certificate of Insurance which should have been sent to the School Board by the Town, and there was no such certificate ever sent.  There will be a Special Meeting at 5:00 pm

For one thing, Stacy Tebo, since the Town is sponsoring the basketball camp and have paid $1,000 for each camp or will pay those sums, should have secured the specifications from the Hamilton County School Board as to what limits were required, etc.   Since Stacy Tebo is lack and unorganized about most Town affairs, I stressed that possibly the School Board would not accept the $300,000 limit of liability the Town carries with the Florida Municipal Trust.  Even if the Board should accept such a limit, the AIG and its underwriters may not accept such a low amount since it is a basketball camp by a separate entity; Plus the Hamilton County School Board would have to be included as an Additional Insured under either the Town’s policy with FMIT or a separate Special Event policy for at least a $1,000,000 limit of liability (excluding products and completed operations).  The special events policy would be based upon the number of days of each camp, the number of students attending each camp, what safety precautions are taken  etc.

I mentioned that I do not believe what the Rhett Bullard has previously stated that these festivals are included automatically under the FMIT General Liability.  The General Liability Policy shows the various classifications which apply from street and road to the premises owned and the area.  And since FMIT provides its own Special Event Policy and this was confirmed to us by the Florida League of Cities as well as by Bob Farley when Helen Miller was Mayor previously, it is of my opinion that a separate policy will have to be secured.


Michael Vinson of the Hamilton County School District provided us with the Limits of Liability which SHE is provided under its AIG policy:

Part of coverage provided to Hamilton County School Board.
General Liability – $1,000,000 including SIR Auto Liability – $1,000,000 Including SIR School Board Miscellaneous Liability – $1,000,000 Including SIR Employee Benefits Liability – $1,000,000 Including SIR Excess WC/EL – $500,000 Including SIR Law Enforcement Liability – $1,000,000 Including SIR   

Stacy Tebo must check Hamilton County School Board’s Paperwork because technically a $1,000,000 limit of Special Events Coverage or as FMIT calls it “Tulip” may be required. Also, the wording the School Board may require for their Additional Insured Endorsement which must be part of the Special Events Coverage.   A separate policy may be required for each Camp held. Technically, since the Town is sponsoring this event, the Town of White Springs should also be added as an additional insured, because the Strong Foundation will be considered the Insured since the Town is separate and distinct of the Strong Foundation.. 


You do not have to believe me, I would suggest you contact Michael Vinson as follows and ask what is required but explain to him the Town is Co-sponsoring but that the Strong Foundation is or should be the insured with both Hamilton County School District and the Town of White Springs as additional insureds.   Frankly being a co-sponsor does not mean the this is a Town program.  It is Clarence Strong’s program and the Town nor Hamilton County have any control over the program or how it is handled so it cannot be under the Town’s General Liability.

Michael D. Vinson Jr., CPA
Director of Business Services
Hamilton County School District
5683 US Highway 129 South, Suite 1
Jasper, Florida 32052
Phone: (386) 792-7818
Fax: (386) 792-3681


Most businesses carry a $1,000,000/3,000,000 limit of General liability so a certificate could be issued from their General Liability Policy with an additional premium for the Additional Insured Endorsement.  That is not the case for the Town of White Springs which limits its liability to $300,000 because to do otherwise would be unaffordable.  But as Johnny Bullard mentioned at the Hamilton County School Board Workshop, he has seen thousands of suits far above what the State Statutorily states a municipality or government entity should have.


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