Andrews first job

Oh, by the way, I checked with the restaurant Andrew worked at in 2005 and he was FIRED for not doing the job according to the lady I checked with. Imagine, being fired from a dishwashers job and now be heir apparent to the Townsend goldmine. It should make us all cry. And since he was homeschooled he took no, REPEAT NO, Chemistry classes yet the position requires a Bachelor’s in Chemistry.

I explained all of that to our leading citizen and he said “So who is going to work for $12,000 a year if they have a bachelor’s in chemistry?” I raised my hand. “Good luck” he said with sarcasm.

One more point, Andrew isn’t going by the Hardware store as often as he did before, especially during working hours. But he is hanging with Ferrell more now days. Wonder what’s up with that?

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