Question – May a single member of a board bargain or negotiate in secret pertaining to a lease of land?

Answer from AGO 74-294 and Karen Hatton, town attorney for White Springs – A single member of a board or commission to whom the authority to act on behalf of the board or commission in matters such as lease of land etc. has been delegated is subject to t he Sunshine Law and therefore cannot negotiate for such a lease in secret.

This is exactly what Spencer did with the SHE property. It matters not whether it was for a million a  year or a dollar a year. It is a violation of the Sunshine Law and Spencer knew it because I told him about it in the one session of his “office hours” he instituted when he became Mayor.

I suggest he be terminated from the Town Council for knowingly violating the Sunshine Law.

Why Hatton didn’t point this out at the time I do not know. Perhaps she is as crooked as the Town of White Springs and would do anything, including LIE, to keep  her job. Which is worse? That a lawyer either doesn’t  know the Open Government laws or she tried to hide the fact that Spencer violated the law? If she wasn’t quitting I’d be moving for her termination for cause.

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