A so called Management Consultant with a side hobby of Skin Art…that’s what we are paying for?

We are paying for services from Lyra Enterprises of Sarasota Florida and what is intresting is that Pam Tomlinson piped up and stated this was an advertising firm and intimated it was part of the Jasper News Group.  Well Joe Griffin called the Jasper News and the person he spoke to as well as Joe had a real laugh, because the only Lyra which was spelled Lira was in Turkey and after finding out that it had nothing to do with advertising or the Jasper News, it was decided that Lyra was a real “turkey”.

This is what we found on the internet and fortunately Manta had some information which assisted initially.:


Lyra Enterprises, Inc

8400 Woodbriar Drive
Sarasota, FL 34238
Phone:  Show Number
Web: www.lyraenterprises.com

What is hysterical is that if you place this website in the browser you get “Public Skin Art” Body and Face Painting with a Company being PSA last updated 02/13/2011 No formal business, just a Hobby

Lyra Enterprises, Inc is a privately held company in Sarasota, FL and is a Single Location business and Categorized under Business Consultants.  It was established in 2001 and incorporated in Florida.  Current estimates per Manta show an annual revenue of $113,027 and it employs a staff of approximately two.

Another source had this to say:  Lyra Enterprises, Inc. is located in Sarasota, Florida, and was founded in 2008. At this location, Lyra Enterprises, Inc. employs approximately 2 people. This business is working in the following industry: Corporate management. Annual sales for Lyra Enterprises, Inc. are around USD 113,027.

Contact Lyra Enterprises, Inc.

Phone:  (941) 921-1663

Rita A. Ferrandino

Title: Principal

Name: Lyra Enterprises, Inc.

Founded: 2008

Engaged in: Corporate management


So Why do we need a Corporate Management Firm. Is Ms. Fernando a friend of Ms. Tebo’s or what is it they are doing for the Town of White Springs?  Thank heavens we have a new Mayor, because unlike Lofton and Bullard, Mayor Miller will get to the bottom of this fiasco and we will see if we have to go to the State’s attorney to Charge Ms. Tebo with Fraud.


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