A New and Dangerous Threat to your Money

A New (and Dangerous) Threat to Your Money

By Andy Snyder, Founder
 Manward Digest
Rooster’s Crow
Most folks would be stunned by the history of the Federal Reserve. It wasn’t started as a way to protect the freedom and prosperity of Americans. It was started to preserve the power of a handful of big banks that were fearful of competition. It worked. The powerful men behind the group still have their names atop some of the world’s largest banks. The truth is often scary.

Your money and your freedom walk hand in hand.

Like politicians and lies… one is never far from the other.

And the folks in charge of delegating our freedom – those liars mentioned above – know it. They know that if they control our money, they control our Liberty.

They’ve recently doubled down on the dangerous idea.

This time, the pressure is coming from high places.

Sheila Bair, the former head of the FDIC, just urged the Federal Reserve to move to a digital currency.

There have been too many financial catastrophes in recent years, she says, to stick to our current system.

By going all digital, Bair thinks much of the pain could be avoided.

She’s nuts.

Oh sure, the monetary maestros who make a living pushing gobs of money into and out of the economy would see their jobs get a whole lot easier if we got rid of cash. But you and I – the folks the system is supposed to benefit – certainly wouldn’t see things get easier.

Just the opposite.

Power Grab

By going all digital, the feds would grab more control of our money than the six rich bankers who secretly launched the Federal Reserve ever could have dreamed of.

No longer would stashing your cash under the mattress be an option. Burying a stack of cash deep under an oak tree and beyond the watchful eye of Uncle Sam would be impossible.

It’d all be digital. It’d all be connected.

With a few key strokes, the maestros could make it worth more or less… and almost certainly it’d always be the latter.

But don’t worry… it’d be for the greater good. A crisis could be averted.

Or so the story goes.

We don’t believe it.

It’s Moving West

What’s crazy about all of this is that we’ve got some real-world examples to look at.

As we write, the poor saps living in Sweden are peering into their wallets wondering where all their money went.

The country is quickly moving to become entirely cashless. With the vast majority of transactions happening in the digital realm, the amount of physical money in Sweden has fallen by a whopping 40% in just a decade.

The situation has gotten so bad, in fact, that many folks are getting squeezed out of the economy. Unless they have access to bank cards, smartphones or some other digital conduit, they’re running out of places to spend their money.

That’s because as cash becomes less and less prominent, fewer businesses want to deal with it.

They need registers, vaults and trustworthy folks to handle the money.

That’s not the case with digital currency.

But the Swedes who have bothered to scratch their heads and ponder the situation for a minute are getting worried.

Going to a cashless economy is like tossing out a nation’s umbrellas just because it hasn’t rained in a week.

Cloudy Skies

“Cash is important in a crisis situation,” said Patrik Andersson, the CEO of the cash-handling behemoth Loomis AB. “Swedes don’t maybe have the insight to understand the effects of such a crisis, that it pervades the whole community.”

From what we’ve seen, Patrik, few folks have the insight to turn off Dancing with the Stars… let alone ponder the effects of removing physical currency from the economy.

Even so, at least a couple of Swedish lawmakers see the bloody writing on the wall.

They’re pushing for laws that would force banks to accept and store cash.

But the idea is already falling apart. It’s too expensive, gripe the naysayers. It’s not necessary, they claim.

We hang our head and wonder what’s next.

We ponder what a world without money looks like.

Who controls the freedom? Who has the power?

The answers should be obvious. But few folks have bothered to look for them.

Just wait, America… we’ll all soon be looking for a store that will take our cash.

Hang on to your Liberty for as long as you can.

Just like the dollar bill… its days are numbered.

Be well,


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