A Certificate may be okay but if the School District does not wish liability, at least the School District should be added as an A.I>

I would not have gone through all of this insurance if it had not been for Johnny Bullard, the Chairman of the Hamilton County School Board stipulating the School District MUST BE RID OF ITS LIABILITIES. Meaning they are attempting to sell their vacant school properties or have them leased to not only lower the Boards liability but the insurance premiums as well. I am all for reasonable insurance for the Town because we do not have money but unfortunately if the District wants to lower their liability for use of their properties, then the Certificate adding the District as an additional insured for the maintenance and use of SHE is a possibility at probably a minimal cost or it would be picked up at audit. Karin Griffin

P.S.  Also with the certificate, we the Town are undertaking all liability for the Strong Foundation.
I know White Springs states they do not have to follow the laws, but on this one it will be up to the School District whether they wish to undertake liability along with the Town of White Springs.

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