A big Difference in White Springs as compared to DeBary as far as Tebo is concerned

You have read all the court case material in Stacy Tebo’s suit against her former manager Dan Parrott and the City of DeBary. You have read Ms. Tebo’s various statements regarding her vendetta against not only her City Manager and other Department managers in DeBary.  She went so far as to attempt to entice other employees at DeBary to join her in going against these Managers.   The one thing DeBary elected officials have is their desire to support the City of DeBary by serving the citizens who have elected them in office.  Not only do they take their fiduciary obligations seriously but they were honest about how Stacy Tebo came before them and attempted to have the City Manager fired or removed.  DeBary can be proud of that honesty and in reviewing all of Ms. Tebo’s paperwork, including her EEOC complaint, it is obvious Ms. Tebo is a manipulator and if she doesn’t like something or someone, she will make certain that she does what she has to to eliminate what she considers a problem even if no one else feels the same as she does.


In White Springs, our Town Officials, specifically Spencer Lofton, Tonja Brown and Rhett Bullard, have no loyalty to the Citizens of White Springs.  They believe whatever Ms. Tebo tells them and they believe that she is the greatest person for securing grants, and she doesn’t even accomplish the grants herself but must use a Grant Writer, Jordan and Associates.  What they do not realize is that for each grant the Town is awarded, we must pay seed money which constitutes some 25% as well as paying the Grant Writer out of the award.


These officials also do not understand financing or business, nor does Ms. Tebo since she obviously has allowed so many transactions to be done without the full council voting on it.  She and Pam Tomlinson, who does not have the experience of a Finance Director much less handle the books appropriately which Tebo once admitted, paid Kenny Hutcherson almost $150,000 for the two year plus period he was unable to fulfill his duties for White Springs.  No one knew about it nor was permission asked.


Yes, Ms. Tebo’s contract was written poorly by the attorneys, but it did require her to follow the charter and the personnel manual.  Yet she has breached her contract in several ways stemming from not advising the Council monthly on where we are in the budget and providing such transparency as required; Furthermore she does not follow the personnel manual relative to hours worked and takes off enough time on her own so that it appears she is there only part-time.  She is supposed to supervise the employees but obviously she does not supervise anyone.  She listens to some councilors and attacks others. She locks herself in her office and manages others by e-mail and her employees are afraid to interrupt her even if they need to.  She is a horrible manager and furthermore, there is concern since she told DeBary’s attorney that she did not take opioid drugs but told the Attorney in the Anita Rivers Case that she takes percoset and has for a very long time, that she is not prescribed those drugs.  In the Rivers Case, she led Attorney Larkin through Fred Koberlein to believe that council approval was given when it was not. We ended up not only with Larkin’s bill but technically a stop should have been placed on Koberlein’s billing when it was not necessary for him to also be on the  litigation team since Larkin was hired.  There was no mediation but instead Tebo wished to be protected and the council allowed it.  Although it was Pam Tomlinson who lied and discriminated against Anita Rivers, Stacy Tebo protected her when she should have stopped the matter.  Instead Ms. Tebo believes the liars who are protecting her, but have no wishes to serve or protect the public.


Lofton and Brown can’t see what they are doing to the White Springs Citizens and Residents.  It is too bad, because if they do not do something about Ms. Tebo and come to their senses and be loyal officials like those in DeBary, the Town of White Springs will be bankrupt and by voting on the last grant for the Fire Engine puts us back another $16,000..which doesn’t seem like much..but add in what we pay on the pickup and the $30,000 plus on our portion of the Wastewater revitalization, plus the $30,000 on the excavator, etc when we only get $70,000 in Ad Velorum Tax money and Stacy Tebo gets $58,000, leaving us $12,000 for the other staff.  That is why she refused to use the LOFT money for Streets and Roads and Lofton, Bullard, and Brown protected that issue because she wished to spend more money on hiring additional people from the outside which suit her.  You will note that Curtis is the only in-town employee other than Stith the Fire Chief who has no fire department.  That is not right.


Anyway  I envy DeBary because all and all, I do not know how you handled someone like Stacy Tebo for as long as you did.  She is a one woman wrecking crew and your officials fortunatly saw through her where ours do not.  Our officials like Lofton prefer making false promises that White Springs cannot uphold nor can we afford to the people and lying about the condition of our finances.  Wake up Lofton and Brown, and listen to the people who know.  Tebo is ruining White Springs and you are helping her.



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