5 Ways to Age Well 

5 Ways to Age Well 

Aging is inevitable. But although you have no control over your age, you can certainly slow down the effects of aging on your body by making smart choices along the way. Growing older will affect almost every part of your body including your skin, hair, muscles and heart. But you can become an ageless beauty by simply adopting these five simple practices.

Eat a healthy diet

Nutrition plays a crucial role in how your body ages. You should eat more natural foods and fewer processed foods. Your diet should include whole grains, foods rich in fiber, fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein.

Stay away from foods and beverages with high calories, salt, sugar and fat content. In addition to eating healthy, you should also watch how much you eat. Overeating might lead to excessive weight gain and increase the risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Get a move on

A body that stays in motion will age better than one that always sits on the couch. Engaging in high-intensity interval exercises is more efficient compared to slow-and-steady-exercise, and it is never too late for you to start. In fact, studies have shown that older cells tend to respond better to intense exercise than young cells. 

Exercise will not just benefit your inner body; it will also help you maintain a healthy glowing skin by slowing down and even reversing the effects of aging. Research has shown that people who exercise frequently tend to have more youthful skin. Additionally, exercising can help improve skin quality even after the age of 65.

Maintain a positive attitude

Forget physical disease and disability; research has shown that attitude and stress management are better predictors of healthy aging. Senior citizens who look at aging as a path to wisdom have 40% more chances of recovering from a disability than their counterparts who associate old age with helplessness and uselessness. The journey to a more positive attitude begins by appreciating what you have and looking for a silver lining even in the harshest situations.

Be social

Being connected to family and friends and forging new relationships will lead to a healthier and longer life. Studies have proved that people who are disconnected from others tend to die quicker than those with close social ties. Friends and family will give you emotional support and help you cope with stress. They will influence you positively thus helping you to develop healthy habits.

Keep working

There’s nothing wrong with retirement, but not working may have adverse effects on your mental health. Studies have linked retirement to depressive tendencies such as fatigue and loss of appetite. People who continue to work past the age of 70 enjoy better health and tend to be more socially connected. The type of work is essential, too. Stick to a job only if it’s fulfilling.

Aging brings about changes and transitions. Such changes can be scary for any woman, and many will freak out at the sight of the first grey hair or wrinkle. The first step in healthy aging is learning to embrace such changes. Eating healthy, staying active and being socially connected will also contribute in helping you age beautifully.

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