Hillary Thinks She’s Safe after IG Report

Hillary Thinks She’s Safe after IG Report But Wait til You Hear This



Under the Obama Administration a tainted FBI and corrupt Department of Justice had no intention of investigating or prosecuting Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton. But a single watch dog organization fought tooth and nail to get access to the information that brought the unscrupulous and dangerous actions of Hillary and others under public scrutiny.

On this Judicial Watch report, organization president Tom Fitton details the heavy lifting the group undertook to prompt the investigation. What many Americans may be unaware of is that it was Judicial Watch that fought denied Freedom of Information requests by Obama’s former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

After years of repeated federal lawsuits, it was Judicial Watch that uncovered the unlawful email server used by Clinton that jeopardized national security. That revelation forced the hand of the FBI to collect evidence and investigate the failed candidate.

While Americans and the world are familiar with the Clinton Email Scandal, most firmly believe that even the scathing 500-plus page IG report won’t bring Hillary to justice. In the Washington swamp, elites are clearly viewed as above the law, everyday Americans can take stock in the fact that Judicial Watch has yet to conclude its own investigation.

Take a few moments and check out this Judicial Watch report to find out why Hillary is not out of hot water just yet!


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