Mayor Lofty has a big Ego which will get in the way of providing correct and legal information – Sewer Rehabilitation

I believe the Councilors broke a former motion stipulating that should the Town accomplish the Sewer Rehabilitation Project, the Town could not afford the entire project of in excess of $3. million but would consider doing immediate repairs which amounted to $1.5 million approximately.  And the decision was to wait until our Town secured the appropriate funding.

Last Night, June 12th, Greg Lang of Mittauer Engineering gave the Town an update on the Sewer Rehabilitation Project.  The manner in which the update was addressed seemed as though the Town had already accepted the $3. million plus to rework the entire sewer project.  When Mr. Lang asked whether anyone had questions, Helen Miller asked how the Town was going to come up with the $600,000 which we certainly do not have on the books.  Mayor Lofty’s ego got the best of him and he stated “I was just about going to ask that very question”.  Really????

We were told that it would be approximately $635,000 or thereabouts which the Town would owe and that we could pay it in installments of $21,000 approximately per year.  There are also possibly other grants that could be looked into to pay a portion of that amount.

Thank God Miller has been voted in because the balance of the councilors (Rhett Bullard was missing) wouldn’t know what they are doing.

Although I do not have the specifics and I am uncertain whether the Jasper News will include such, Helen Miller objected to the prior meetings minutes.  She said that it was stated that she approved a resolution which she had not approved before, and that the resolution should be brought forward again since so much time passed.  She said she would never have approved of it to begin with. Then Mayor lofty asked for a roll call decision and it was two against two.  He said that settles it, the matter stands.  Helen Miller then showed him a paragraph where it stated it one councilor objected it it would have to be reviewed so it was decided to table it until we had a full council.

I believe Mayor Lofty’s Ego definitely will be in the way of his making correct and legal decisions.  If everyone does not praise him or it is shown they are smarter than he is, that is a problem.

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