It’s time to bring a Swap Meet, Farmers Market and Flea Market to White Springs

Just like there are various outlet stores off the Highway before turning to St. Augustine, the Farmers Market is a great location for a flea and farmers market.

I know I speak a lot about Marion County but living in Ocala, I cannot help myself.  There are many amazing farmers markets in the area and here is a video from one in the Villages:


Do you remember how many people visited the Swap Meet at the Hardware Store Location?  It was a great Saturday Morning and afternoon event for everyone.  But now it is gone.

Yes we have the antiques which are sold at the General Store which people are interested in but the one antique shop is way out of line in its pricing (told to me by my own visitors who are collectors).  So just think if someone would lease the Farmers Market for weekend flea and farmers markets, how great that would be.  It would be better if it could be handled in White Springs and perhaps the area of SHE or the ballfield or the streets near the Hardware Store could be used.

This is more information from Marion County:


The Market of Marion  (of course there is a website but word gets around)

Come spend the day with us at The Market of Marion. We have it all—a real farmer’s market, from the freshest fruits and vegetables by local farmers to dogs, cats, birds, antiques and collectibles, auto parts, mattresses, children’s clothes, toys, jewelry and so much more! We have special events—food, fun for the entire family!

As you browse our isles filled with housewares, jewelry, enjoy the sites and sound of Central Florida’s premier flea and farmers market! Open every weekend.

  • You’ll be glad you did.
  • Free Parking and Admission
  • Bargains galore
  • Food, Fun and Entertainment
  • Special Events
  • Low Vendor Rates


Friday: 8:00am to 3:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am to 4:00pm
Sunday: 8:00am to 4:00pm


So let’s do something.  It would draw more crowds than the Wild Azalea Festival which currently operates under Paige and Mary Bullard.  But if we had a farmers and flea market each weekend, anytime we had a festival there would be more people.  But I think the festival does not produce people as it did before. It just does not have the right activities nor contests where many people may participate.


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