To the Two Ms. Know-it-alls of the Town Council

One can tell that the know-it-all Vice Mayor Rivers and Council woman Nicole Williams, have never worked in the real world. Their complaints relating to an evaluation made up by Mayor Miller was ridiculous. And since good ole Tommie Jones is supposed to act as a Town Manager, it is interesting that he brings forth being a consultant when it is convenient to him. If Mayor Miller gave him the evaluation forms, then it was up to him to place one in each of the council persons’ boxes at Town Hall to review.

Mr. Emrich came a long distance to interview at White Springs and this bickering at the beginning which lasted almost an hour, was absurd. Mayor Miller was the only one who had the consideration by thanking him for coming so far. Yes he complained that it was unprofessional to have all candidates listen to what other candidates said, but it was a Supreme court decision and was well within the law. If he did not find the bickering unprofessional, then perhaps he was not the right candidate. Yes Miller originally blamed Joe Griffin for stating all interviewees could be in at one time, but honestly, it was the Supreme Court who made that decision and you know it.

Let me tell you about the private sector, Ms. Knows’it’alls. Let’s take the example of Condo Associations. Condo Associations are similar to small municipalities except instead of a council they have a board of directors. When they seek insurance proposals, it is not a one on one situation. And they even have their evaluation forms and whether they have questions outside, they do not attack each other as you ladies attacked your Mayor today. The Condo Association Board does not interview one insurance agent at a time but interviews all of them at once, asking whether specific things are covered. I am not bragging when I say, I have reviewed all issues regarding insurance contracts and in one specific meeting/interview, one agent not so familiar apparently with his own form much less not understanding that it was a uniform clause, said he covered something others did not. Of course, I had to tell him, embarrassing him is a lot better than him having an error and omission in the future. Soon after I stated, the other fourteen agents also piped in stating their policies did not either and as a result it was a uniform clause, and I explained why. In the public sector, it is usual to have more than one person at the same time, and having an evaluation form determines which is providing the best possible product based upon a Condo Associations needs.

Now everyone may have complained about Stacy Tebo, Rhett Bullard, Spencer Lofton, Tonja Brown as the so-called Gang of Three. I did not agree with their tactics either and how they bent the law. But to the two council ladies especially our Vice Mayor, what on earth possessed you to attack Mayor Miller in Public as you did today. It shows a lack of cohesiveness, an inability to get along even if you arent expected to have the same ideas, but have some compromise. At least the prior gang of three got along and stuck up for each other, whether it was a detriment to us all or not. In other words, they didn’t bicker at each other as you ladies did.

If you have not had the backgrounds, many of us had in business, you should not believe that municipal interviews are the same as those of an employee looking for a job. Hiring a CEO or a Municipal Town Manager is a professional job interview and although not all are in one room at one time, you certainly should not be bickering over a form. Of course, you ladies already chose the “only and first White Springs Town Manager” who is Black. Isn’t that right Nicole. It doesn’t matter if you are a liar and con man and do not do your job well and don’t have the experience, as long as you are “Black” you are the right person for the job.

By the way Rivers, your attitude sucks big time!!! Especially when your past employers except for one would not consider hiring you again and there were theft problems.

Karin for the blog

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