Our Elected Officials are to blame for ruining White Springs

Per the Jasper News, Live Oak is considering allowing the public to speak on specific agenda items and what was surprising was what Attorney Fred Koberlein stated:

“When asked his opinion, City Attorney Fred Koberlein told the council that the current policy is legal as is Stewart’s proposal. He agreed that residents likely would be advocating their cause with members of the council prior to a meeting, but they still had the right to speak once again at meetings.”

“If it’s really dear to you, you’re not waiting for a meeting to try and change someone’s mind,” Koberlein added. “At the meeting, is what you’re addressing right now. When are they going to continue advocating during the meeting?”


Prior to Helen Miller being appointed as Mayor, this was not the case in White Springs.  Even though there was a resolution allowing such a right to speak relating to agenda items, the resolution was not followed.  Prior to that Mayor Lofton was the greatest abuser of the public’s right to speak, if he did not like what you were saying, he would make certain a police officer would remove you….and it just wasn’t we the Griffins.


White Springs has no transparency and even our meeting minutes lack so much information you would believe it was an “agenda”.  Furthermore, if the officials are fearful that something they said would not be well taken or if they wished to hide what was said, Pam Tomlinson willingly removed that information from the Tape, thereby destroying an actual Public Record.


If these councilors do not realize that what they are doing is ruining White Springs, which has been happening for decades, not just now, White Springs will be bankrupt again.  And then these officials can’t understand why White Springs has one of the worst reputations in Hamilton County because these officials are not transparent, do not follow the law, allow their friends and relatives to have jobs and pay employees when they can’t work, go after the first amendment by attempting to arrest people, place injunctions on them and a variety of legal actions which for some reason our States Attorney does nothing about it.   No, if one thinks the national news is bad, try living in White Springs and have a council consisting of Brown, Lofton and McKenzie; none of which wish to face the truth of what actually has been happening on their watch..their ego is more important than the citizens and they will bash any Citizen for pointing out what they are doing is wrong .

A White Springs Deplorable; Karin for the blog

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