The Jasper News’ Rant & Rave showed a Live Oak Rant which I can commiserate with

In reading the Jasper News Rant and Rave of June 12th and 13, it seems that Live Oak has the same difficulties as we do regarding their City Manager and what has been happening to the detriment of the Citizens.  The Article states:


“While Live Oak Residents don’t think it’s important to come to meetings, The City Manager and City Council are making decisions that affect your livelihood and many of them are detrimental to your survival.
For instance, why is Butch so adament to give Ron Williams a totally undeserved raise of 5 percent.  This is a city manager with a “Closed Door Policy”.  I urge you all to attend meetings to get up and have a say.  Stop some of the negative shenanigans that take place.  Come see which Council person works for you and which ones work for Ron Williams and understand how important local government is to your life here and your children’s lives.  We the people that attend these meetings feel helpless at times because some of the people you elected do not fight for you and your families’ best interest.
They vote for unfair raises for the city manager, did we just cut staff in Public Works?  Where is the excessive raise money coming from?  Picking our Pockets yet again, stealing from Peter to pay Paul.  For your survival people attend city council meetings!  Lack of knowledge is deadly.”


At least in White Springs, Ms. Tebo only paid herself a 0.95% raise but in my opinion, she was making too much to begin with for what little accomplishments she has herself performed.
We would have to also say the same thing to White Springs Residents  and that is that they need to come to meetings.  Our Town Manager and our Town Council are making decisions that affect your livelihood and many of them are detrimental to their survival.
Let’s for a moment see what is detrimental;
  •  The Town Manager allowed a Public Works Supervisor to be paid for over two years because of his inability to work due to a critical illness WITHOUT council approval
  • The Town Manager has not provided the Town Council with financial information regarding income and expenses, whether we are over budget, whether there may be remedies if our finances take a hit, etc ON A MONTHLY BASIS.  
  • The Town Manager’s spending shennanigans has placed the Town in a Financial Bind wherein we have less than two months cash flow
  • The Town Manager has never apprised the Town Council nor in some cases posted jobs on the boards or newspapers of who we have hired, who we have terminated and what we are totally paying whom and why.  That is part of the Charter as well
  • The Town Manager is to follow the charter, and the State and Federal Laws which are not followed.  For instance, she has spent Local Option Fuel Tax monies not on roads streets sidewalks or other definitions of “transportation” but on salaries and every other conceivable thing she feels is necessary, which in some cases is to the detriment of the Public as a whole
  • The Town Manager has terminated efficient hard working employees while retaining those who are inefficient and handle their jobs poorly and slowly.
  • The Town Manager is the reason we, the Citizens, no longer have a viable Fire Department and she operates based upon threats so that our Police Department is neutered.
  • The Town Manager keeps applying for grants for which the Town has insufficient seed money for the Town’s share of what may be awarded.
  • The Town Manager advised all concerned that there was no cap on legal expences, especially when she was the one who incurred those expences because of the allowance of discrimination against an excellent employee and citing an elected official as a “rogue council member” when in fact our former attorney said it is not something any council should do, pay a contract employee to go after an elected official in the courts.
  • The Town Manager shows bias against certain members of the public, making false statements in depositions, and her biase and hate has extended specifically to Mayor of White Springs who she responds nastily to and will not do what is necessary even if asked or she delays such issues which are imparative for the well being of White Springs.
  • The Town Manager provides special benefits to specific people who she afriends while other more deserving employees are not provided similar benefits. This includes the Chief, Assistant Chief and volunteers of the invalid/fake fire department whereas our Great Chief and Volunteer Firefighters were not provided funds for maintenance nor were they provided stipends but fabrications were made about our former chief and the firefighters were treated poorly and were forbiden breathing devices which are necessary in fighting fires which were construed “frivolus” spending. 
  • The Town Manager is rude to many and that includes some prominent citizens who dare to speak to her and allows the Town Finance staff member to be rude as well.
  • She has taken almost all Fridays off since her hire four years ago; comes in late if at all on Mondays; takes weeks off whenever she needs to leaving our admin at times on her own and shows that her job is only part-time.  As a result she has violated not only her contract but the contract’s reference relating to the Personnel Manual leaves and time off.
  • Yes and Like the comment about Live Oak, the Town Manager has a “closed door” policy and no one bother bother her. Her manner of supervision is e-mails through the closed door and even if an employee or volunteer is busy with a work activity, one better respond to her immediately or you may be terminated like our former volunteer fire chief for a lack of communication.  She also makes certain she reads and copies certain blog items from the downloaded White Springs Journal; she watches who calls whom on the telephone, she writes information on a diary for a possible suit against White Springs and she works on her various legal suits against her former town manager and the Town of DeBary.
Yes Citizens of White Springs, you really need to attend meetings.  I know if Ms. Tebo could find another job as a Town Clerk in the area of her Volusia County Residence or if the council would finally open their eyes to her many violations of her Contract, the Charter and the State and Federal Laws, and suspend or terminate her employment, White Springs may finally have a chance to succeed.
Yes Ms. Tebo, we also keep records on you and what you have done to our Town especially with respect to our financial condition which you have never apprised the council of and which is unforgivable.  Understand you currently only have some former and current councilors who support you, but I am not certain any one citizen knows who you are or if you have accomplished anything in this town and certainly would not have the need to support your poor decisions.  Furthermore, if you were terminated from the Town Manager position, those employees who you have threatened would no longer stick up for you.  That is what happened in DeBary as well.


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