Another Firm Tebo Hired and for what reason?

This is another company The White Springs Citizens are paying for.  Although the amounts were not given at last night’s meeting, be assured Mayor Miller has asked for all billings, all contracts, what the company has done for White Springs and who agreed to hire them.  Now of course Stacy Tebo is allowed to be the purchasing agent but let’s think about this for a moment.  She could not afford to fix the fire engine for the former firefighters and chief but she can spend money on marketing and what is she marketing, or is she using this for her personal use.  This is a perplexing problem and we have a town manager that has run rampid with the Town’s money.  Yes, Vice Mayor McKenzie, before you make a statement like you did last night, perhaps you should read what these companies do and ask yourself, is this something White Springs needs.  To me, this looks like fraud and no bids have been taken.  Mayor Miller I am certain did her research before the meeting and the rest of your councilors need to do your research before making the messengers, the Griffins, or Mayor Miller the bad guys.


This is what the Geomarketing Add states:

  • What is Geomarketing?

Geomarketing uses that data from mobile phones and web browsers to help consumers make buying decisions.  It is an integrating geographical data into marketing
 Geomarketing can include:
  • Geotargeting, which is showing content to visitors based on their location, region, country, state, zip code, or other positional data.
  • Geofencing, which means using GPS data to target messaging to users only within a particular location or area.
While mobile and web users may report their location as part of interacting with a company’s site, locations can also be detected by GPS, IP address, or even cell phone towers”.
“By textbook definition, geotargeting is the practice of delivering content to a user based on his or her geographic location. This can be done on the city or zip code level via IP address or device ID, or on a more granular level through GPS signals, geo-fencing, and more. . The idea is that the more relevant an ad or offer is, the more likely it is to drive what the marketer wants: a sale. The central idea behind geotargeting is that understanding a consumers real-time — or past —location helps marketers achieve the holy grail of delivering the “right message at the right time,” explains
Marketing professionals know that Geo-marketing is not a short-term marketing strategy, nor is it a campaign just by itself. It is used to determine strategies and create campaigns.
“Geomarketing can be particularly useful to social media marketers if you are a business with a real location, as opposed to a business based solely online. For most businesses, geomarketing involves a teaser deal that attracts residents or out-of-town visitors who “check in” online or with a mobile device when they arrive at the establishment. This concept is particularly attractive for events, tourist sites, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Almost all these services notify their subscribers by text message or on their mobile sites whenever an offer is available nearby. Each service operates a little differently, with some offering virtual badges as a reward, while others offer special discounts to repeat customers (those who check in most often) or first-timers,” explains
  • How to Use Geomarketing As a Small Business?
As IBIS Studio explains “there are several ways that you can use geomarketing even if you’re not a very large company, including local SEO trends and searches, Google AdWords, and social media. Here are some things you can do to take advantage of these tools:
  • Local SEO Trends
    To ensure the best possible ranking for your website in the local area you need to tell Google your most up-to-date information, including the location, opening hours, and business types. You should also claim your business page and list your name, address, and phone number on every page of the website.
  • Google AdWords
    Local SEO trends will help you get organic rankings for your website, but AdWords can be used to acquire customers through paid searches. Google AdWords can bring additional customers every day, making it worth investigating at the very least. Always assume that your competition is using Google AdWords, because they likely are.
  • Social Media
    Nearly everyone uses social media in some way. Businesses, clients, customers, everyone has either a Facebook or a Twitter account they use, even if rarely. Using social media to get followers, likes, and favorites is a good way to generate free marketing. Share what is happening with your business and the latest news to generate interest”.
If you want to discuss geomarketing for your firm, give Jeff Smith a call at 727-333-5270?


This is the Type of Town Manager Lofton, Brown, and former councilman and mayor Bullard choose to protect without council approval.  It is time we drained the White Springs Swamp.


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