Bullard and Lofton have stuck it to the School District and have never purchased event coverage for May Day

Johnny Bullard, the Chairman of the School Board and cousin to Rhett Bullard is a far more intelligent astute person than his cousin Rhett, and logical as well.  No such a statement could be made for his cousin Rhett Bullard who didn’t seem to care whether the Town carried insurance for Special Events such as the Azalea Festival and the May Day Festival.  We know the May Day Festival could not afford the insurance and every year but this, Rhett Bullard made certain the events committee of May Day knew the Town of White Springs sponsored May Day or as he called it “co-sponsor” and then Rhett blatently told me that of course the Town’s General Liability policy covered events and he did not have to buy insurance.


This last year, Spencer Lofton said nothing about securing insurance or whether or not it could be afforded.  Most likely he co-sponsored the event “outside of the sunshine” since nothing was stated at meetings.  After all, it was Lofton who asked the School Board “What Law requires us to carry insurance?”.  Well if Ms. Tebo is any kind of a manager she would look at the exposures which are covered under the FMIT General Liability olicy and she will find, like Bob Farley and I discussed once, that festivals are not included unless a special event policy is purchased.


As Chairman Bullard stated at the Workshop, the School Board is trying to get rid of their liabilities and expensive insurance so the reverter clause most likely will be removed at the official School Board meeting. This means if the reverter clause is removed and deeded to the Town of White Springs, the Town will finally own the property, not the School District.


What Chairman Bullard did not know is that his cousin Rhett and Rhett’s Puppet Spencer have had the May Day event on the Washington Carver School Property every year and that included 2016, 2017 2018 and 2019 since the property reverted back to the School District; so if someone would have been hurt, or if the gun Robbie Brooks was toting along would have accidentally discharged and killed a person or child, the School Board who is trying to be rid of their liabilities would have actually been sued because the Town of White Springs no longer owned the property since 2016 and it reverted back to the School Board.  Did Rhett do this on purpose?  He knew that FMIT only provided a $300,000 limit of liability for the Town and Rhett very sarcastically said that is all the Towns are responsible for under statute.  Well his Cousin Johnny Bullard indicated at the School Board meeting that he has seen hundreds of cases where negligent cases were settled far and above what the Statute states.  That is probably why Rhett and Stacy didn’t care if there was insurance because they probably knew about the clause reverting back to the school.


What if the golf carts would have run over various individuals, or someone ran over people or they were shot?  White Springs only has a $300,000 limit and there is defense but no coverage for special events if a policy is not secured from FMIT.  And let’s face it the School Board owned the property since May day of 2016 so technically they were on the hook for any and all liability which would have transpired.  And our Manager didn’t catch it or didn’t care and Cousin Rhett stuck it to the School District.


The School District and we the citizens are very fortunate because anything could have happened and if you believe 20 people getting hurt, or shot would have not sued for more than $20,000 a piece, you have another thing to think about.  The School District’s General Liability may be more comprehensive in that the Carver School reverted back and it could have automatically been included under the School District Policy.  Neverthless, if not this could have been a real mess for both the Town and the School District.

So Thank you White Springs for trying to stick it to the School School District and the School Board and offering the School District Land for an event which the Town of White Springs nor the School Board had any control over.

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One of the first orders of business for Mr. Lofton should be the disposition of the May Day Event.

The May Day Committee must Decide as well as the Town Council

Some General Information on Special Events Insurance taken from my Book, The Savvy Businesspersons Guide

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