Zoning and Planning and Code Enforcement

On April 17th, the Zoning and Planning meeting was held.  The Next Meeting will be on June 19th at 6:30 PM at the Public Library  and anyone may attend.

Currently those on the Planning and Zoning committee are Tracy Woodard, Dorthy Bros, Charles Smith and Nikki Harris.   It was suggested that others be on the Planning and Zoning committee because four people is not sufficient to go through these ordinances, some of which haven’t been looked at since 1999.

Our Code Enforcement officer works only eight hours a week,  We are currently at $6,000 of the $9000 budgeted ($2000 was budgeted for a Magistrate) which will be spent by September 30th.  It was mentioned that we do not have to spend money on a magistrate but rather the Council may act as the Magistrate.

It was stated that the cleanup didn’t take into account Wellburn Auto for Junk Autos I know that the items I put out on the berm were removed by someone who apparently felt my junk was their treasure and that probably happened to others.

Clarence Strong stipulated there was a Communication Problem and the Town Staff needs to get better in communicating our once a year cleanup.   It was stated that anouncements were made in two newspapers, on two news stations, on information the Chamber of Commerce Sent out as well as notices in our Water Bills.  And, it was not the staff’s problem that the information was not read or heard.

Mrs. Strong stated that the best place to advertise is within the Churches and at Bible Studies.   Spencer Lofton stated that he did tell Paster Victoria at the AME Church.




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