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  1. The best part of all this is that the meter on the towns well ir reading different then what the town is charging for water. They are pumping less water out of the ground then what they charging the citizens. I was told they can justify because of homes that have swmming pools im sorry thats Bull Shit i know of only 3 pools in town on has been filled in with concrete the other is empty not being used an there is one more that is being used but thats only one Pool so your telling me that one Pool is the reason give me a break how stupid do they think we are. Someone is making money somewhere or the old hag Pam is hiding the money for Stacys legal fees. I dont know but someones got to answer for this an i don’t need Sarge aka the chair force to answer. We want stacy to answer with no interruption from the council i think we as town citizens deserve answers.


Florida Statute 180.136 says as follows:

Title XII
Chapter 180 
View Entire Chapter

180.136 Water or sewer utilities; notice.—Before a local government water or sewer utility increases any rate, charge, or fee for water or sewer utility service, the utility shall provide notice of the proposed increase to each customer of the utility through the utility’s billing process. The notice shall state the date, time, and place of the meeting of the governing board of the local government at which such increase will be considered. The notice required in this section is in addition to any notice and public meeting requirements for ordinance adoption as provided by general law.

History.—s. 11, ch. 2000-350.

Needless to say the town hasn’t done that for the first reading of the Ordinance to increase Sewer Rates. About 7 years ago the town had the same problem. Don’t we ever learn. It is a litigatable issue. Why don’t we just do things right?

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