1. It is sad to use “Let’s Roll” which was used by a man on the 4th plane that crashed on 911, after which he said “Let’s Roll” they attacked the hijackers in the cockpit to save the capital. or White House but there is some evidence it was shot down with a missile. Really sad! Try another name. That was a very sad day for everyone – What brave passengers Karin.

      1. Where’s the cash the Town is sending down the Toilet? We haven’t seen any if Joe is the toilet. ha ha ha

  2. A drunkard is someone who is habitually drunk, but may be sober just now and later not.

    A drunk is someone who is drunk now and smells. Have any of you smelled Joe, no because his immediate appearance is repulsive which triggers an immediate retreat for safety to protect your sense of smell for pleasant odors (WHEW) stinky man!

    That’s what I thought, until “the town drunk” came to mind like Joe Griffin and his enabler Kitty Cat Karin which sounds like Caring BS

    1. I understand from your comments that you really do not know Joe. He is one of the kindest wonderful man. All I can say is that I love him and cannot imagine life without him. After all it was once me, who people called uglier than a “Swamp Ape” and I am so fat I need to wear a tent. So be it, my husband has been there for me no matter what has transpired and making up fabrications about him cannot hurt us. Those that know us, would dispute these insinuations. So go ahead, it is what you are. I hope that when you are in your 70’s someone doesn’t attack you for the way you look or make such accusations, unless they are true. Karin..

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