Why doesn’t the Town enforce LDR’s

We know that there are no documents which allows non enforcement of the LDR’s,

That there are no documents that allow selective enforcement of the LDR’s

No documents EXIST that allow a delay in enforcement of the LDR’s

No documents exist as to why the LDR’s are not being enforced if there is a valid and binding condemnation finding by the LDRA

No documents which voided the magistrates condemnation of the two structures.

If the property has been condemned or should have been condemned

That there is an LDR (Land Development Regulation aka Zoning Code) for White Springs

There is a state stature 163.3202 (1), which requires enforcement.



Before we had the Magistrate and the Hazardous Building Regulation we had the Land Development Regulations sometimes known as Municipal Ordinance 98-01. The Land Development Regulations are still in effect. It is the Municipal Ordinance that we use to require Building Permits and to demolish certain but certainly not all violators.


Oh, I forgot; Tonja won’t allow it and she will interfere and threaten you if you go after the wrong building!!



I Found an article I had written  in September of 2013 regarding the vegie stand.  We know under Rhett Bullard, LDR enforcement will never be complied with.   But, apparently Helen Miller was concerned about LDR’s:

“Mayor Helen Miller and her team should be commended for recognizing there are problems with some of the LDR regulations in spite of the objections made against the Fruit/veggie stand. The stand is a wonderful addition to the Town of White Springs and it is refreshing to see that the Council followed her lead to honor the Town Manager’s initial decision.

I wish your team the best of wishes in complying with regulations pertaining to properties 8301-001 and 8301-005 since a precedent has been made by the Town to not impose compliance against two former owners. Although “No Trespassing” signs would protect the Town against liability in the case of adults, such signs do not protect the Town for injury or damage in the case of “Attractive Nuisance Laws” pertaining to Minors.

Again, thank you Mayor Helen Miller for listening to your constituents and for the realization that some ordinances have no common sense. Good luck to you and your team. These revisions are necessary so that it does not seem as though there are special strokes for special folks.

A special thanks to Tracy Woodard of the Planning and Zoning Board who professionally handled all objections and to the Jasper News for a wonderful article”


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