There is enough blame to go around but I want to add two more individuals. These individuals have been on the Council since Stacy was hired.  It’s Tonja and Walter. They are single-handedly responsible for Stacy not doing her job with her statutory duties. AS such they can be sued for failure to oversee Tebo’s Compliance with statutory duties. The town does have to sue  her, and individual Citizens can take action, legal action to force Tebo into compliance with the statutes and municipal rules as well. I volunteer to be that person. Walter and Tonja are responsible for Stacy’s missteps by their votes not to require her, Tebo’s, compliance with her duties and mis-duties.

The way to avoid a legal action filed against you, Walter and Tonja, is to force Tebo to follow the law and fiduciary responsibility. They do that with their votes not to protect Tebo from her sins but to require the sinner to operate without Council oversight for the citizens. This citizen has had enough. If the Council won’t do it Judge Scaff will. Are you listening Walter and Tonja?

Joe Griffin

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