White Springs Operates on “Crisis Management”

Businesses, Municipalities and Private Citizens all budget and plan ahead.  This would be difficult, however, for those Town officials (Mayor, Vice Mayor, prior Town Managers and Council Persons) of White Springs.

The Town of White Springs does use a form of Management which is called “Crisis Management”, not used by any other public or private sector business or Municipalities.


Without going through the definition of Crisis Management, let me give you a few examples:

  • The Town knew or should have known that SHE needed repairs for years. Yet, it was only recently when it was stated SHE would be closed thatveryone wanted something done.something done. In fact Johnny Bullard should have done something long time ago but rather he did nothing and lied, and cried that the School was finally being shut down.  Someone should have received the notices which had been sent for years, per Tom Moffses.  But it is like the Bullards to blame Tom Moffses so he would not be re-elected but instead when Tom Moffses took all of the heat and built the school Rex Mitchell who never did anything ever decided he would be in the limelight.  Only today only 65% graduate which is unlike the 100% graduation Tom Moffses had.  Oh well, some people never learn, you can’t trust a Bullard it appears.


  • The Fire Department was ignored after Townsend fired Peeler and spent some $7,000 in legal fees so they would not have to give Peeler a public meeting. The $10,000 in volunteer money went to the Town because the town ran out of Money.  Since that time there has been very little the Town has done to help the Fire Department other than grants from the outside.  The Town never returned the Fire Department’s money and the best Fire Chief and volunteers have left because of Rhett Bullard and Stacy Tebo..  The ISO who demands certain certifications and requirements which Chief Pittman assisted with,  be met or the citizens, the Town and all those in the area will suffer higher insurance rates because our Fire Rating classification would move from a 7 to a 9 or 10.  It won’t be until Chief Stith and Andrew Greene and his bride mess up things for good and then it will be a Crisis and someone will have to manage getting all of the other volunteers and Chief Pittman back.



  • The Carver School other than making a model for all to see previously and the Asbestos Mediation or Removal done as a result of a donation from PCS for $13,000, no grants have ever been secured to refurbish the Carver School which is a historical site in the State of Florida.  Instead, Stacy Tebo told us they the Town owned the property and the citizens had no say and demolition of the Carver School would be done.  So to help Cool Willie Jefferson, Rhett Bullard asked Stacy to get a grant to bring in a new community center on the site of the demolished Carver School site.  But the Demolition by Hamilton County’s estimate would be in excess of $160,000 leaving little for the Center if a $600,000 maximum grant was awarded…and fortunately Governor Scott vetoed it.  This was done as a form of Crisis Management because Willie Jefferson would have been given credit and people were starting to get sick of him so something had to be done.


  • Sewer and Water Pipes which require replacement because there may be asbestos piping in the older sections which may be causing some of the high cancer rate. A test was taken so that repairs may be done to the sewer pipes which are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY TO HAVE DONE, now has been delayed because it would require $1.6 million for repairs….yet we have money for Attorney and legal expenses.  This project will be forgotten until the pipes deteriorate and we have sewage in the streets…then it will be Crisis management.


  • Roadways, Manhole covers and sidewalks – They never plan for continual repair and they hope someone else will do it for them. When the County or State tells the Town it is the Town’s responsibility, then it becomes a crisis.



  • Scores of other items too numerous to mention none of which include spending money for items we don’t need and then jacking up taxes and sewer and water rates because we have another crisis.



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