Where oh Where is Stacy Tebo hiding out

Day Two of the Week following Memorial Day and there is no sign of Stacy Tebo at the Town offices. Ms. Tebo however, sent an email to Joe pretending she was working.  Where, we don’t know?  Apparently hiding herself in her office and frightening staff to not bother her is not enough.  She has to go to another location but she is probably not working for the Town Whatsoever.  So we know, we never needed a full time manager and with Tebo, she hasn’t done much part time except get White Springs in a Financial Bind and boy what a financial bind that is.

I remember when she worked for DeBary, she raised the roof because her boss, City Manager Dan Parrott had lunch at Mt. Dora and he was gone over an hour.  His answer to her was, “You could have called me on the cell phone….but of course Tebo wouldn’t do that because she just likes to complain.   However, now that she is a town Manager, no one knows where she is and she takes all the time off she can which of course is against her contract.  Did I say “breach” in so many ways?


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