What will Tebo, Lofton and Brown do now

After our Mayor and Vice Mayor were elected, Stacy Tebo left the conference Room.  It was one of the quickest meetings in history with Spencer hitting the gavel down on the desk without passing the gavel to Mayor Miller.  Nevertheless with former Mayor McKire consoling former Mayor Lofton, Lofton did congratulate Mayor Miller.

Never have I seen such a happy crowd of people congratulating Mayor Miller and Vice Mayor McKenzie.  We have waited a long time to have change for the good and Today has been the start of the best days of White Springs to come.

Congratulation Mayor Miller and Vice Mayor McKenzie!

As for Stacy Tebo, she exited the room as fast as she could as did Pam Tomlinson.  For a new Town Manager, after just being hired, to profess her dislike of Helen B. Miller without her even knowing her was absurd.  You never know when the tides change and I am certain that Manager Tebo never expected Helen B. Miller to be elected as Mayor again. The nastiness that Tebo and Tomlinson directed at Miller was uncalled for.  Tebo didn’t know her but lied about Miller continually and expressed her “hate” of Miller specifically in the Anita Rivers depositions.  A professional manager should never take sides but rather do what is best for the people of White Springs and consider each of the councilors as her superiors.  But instead Tebo followed the instructions of Rhett Bullard and Spencer Lofton and where did that get her except for one of the worst reputations a Town Manager could ever have aside from Toting a Gun, like the former Jasper Manager.?

At this point, Tebo has to make some decisions in her life and even a formal apology won’t work, especially after making accusations of malfeasance against Miller and assisting in the removal of Miller so a loser like Lofton could be a councilor. When

When Tebo first started I thought perhaps she may have some professionalism and logic, but very soon after she started she showed her hate not only for Miller and Rivers, but even for we the Griffins who initially tried to assist her.  Well she made her bed and now she will have to live with it.  I hope she doesn’t think that the appellate Court in the DeBary case will give her a win because if they reviewed her case they surely will agree with the lower court.  No one in DeBary did anything to her in the long time she was there.  She was given more than a fair salary and a raise by Manager Parrott.  And as to the comments made, they were few and far between and as to her complaints, they appeared to be complaints of how other people were treated, not she, herself. Furthermore, she worked long and hard to get her manager fired as well as Council members.  What a piece of work. And to be taking illicit drugs is a horse of another color.  Well the ball’s in her court and after the money she cost Miller, I can’t see where this relationship can be rectified, but it is up to Tebo solely.  She has done a horrid job as manager and has, along with Rhett Bullard, Tonja Brown, Willie Jefferson and Spencer Lofton, ruined White Springs.


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