But the election wasn’t  held until 24 April  and the nomination for mayor didn’t come until 26 April, 2018. I got this information from the Supervisor of Elections Laura Hutto. She provided a form where Lofty signed a form to keep his address, birthdate and telephone number confidential. AND THE FOOL SIGNED ON 4/4/2018 THAT HE WAS MAYOR,

The fix was in. Rhett and Lofty had already decided the results of the election and that Rhett was going to refuse to be Mayor again. What other explanation can there be?

I keep telling you our community politics is corrupt. Ms. Hutto confirms the date of the signing of the form. Lofty originally signed when he was in Ft. Lauderdale before he got fired from the AFROTC job. He transferred his voter registration up here at some date to be determined by Voter Registration paperwork. I wonder if he was a registered voter when he was on the Council the first time when he quit for more money with the HOPE program. What do you bet he wasn’t.

Will get the information as soon as I can pry it out of the Secretary of State.

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