White Springs Personnel and Procedures Manual Section 4 A 1

“Any applicant including employees of the Town must apply in writing using the Town approved application form for announced position vacancies.”

FS 34.01 Jurisdiction of county court.—
(1) County courts shall have original jurisdiction:
(a) In all misdemeanor cases not cognizable by the circuit courts.
(b) Of all violations of municipal and county ordinances.

FS 839.13 839.13 Falsifying records.—

(1) Except as provided in subsection (2), if any judge, justice, mayor, alderman, clerk, sheriff, coroner, or other public officer, or employee or agent of or contractor with a public agency, or any person whatsoever, shall steal, embezzle, alter, corruptly withdraw, falsify or avoid any record, process, charter, gift, grant, conveyance, or contract, or any paper filed in any judicial proceeding in any court of this state, or shall knowingly and willfully take off, discharge or conceal any issue, forfeited recognizance, or other forfeiture, or other paper above mentioned, or shall forge, deface, or falsify any document or instrument recorded, or filed in any court, or any registry, acknowledgment, or certificate, or shall fraudulently alter, deface, or falsify any minutes, documents, books, or any proceedings whatever of or belonging to any public office within this state; or if any person shall cause or procure any of the offenses aforesaid to be committed, or be in anywise concerned therein, the person so offending shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.


Uncle Tom mie Boy did say to this citizen that Mr. Harold Emrich sent in his cover letter to seek the Town Manager’s Position to be a Town Consultant. Yet Uncle Tom told the Council at the organizational meeting that Mr. Emrich was seeking to be a consultant and not an employee. When questioned on the phone about this statement Uncle Tom did say that Emrich did not send in a application. When I talked to Mr. Emrich on the phone he said he wanted to be able to choose which he wanted to be but didn’t know that he was required to send in a application to be a Town Employee. Uncle Tom said he, Emrich, was told by Mrs. Brazil that he needed an application. Mrs. Brazil refused to verify that statement, that she told Mr. Emrich that he needed an application to be a town employee. See first quote of a law above.

This chain of events falsified the Minutes of the Organizational Meeting minutes, a violation of the third quote above.

The second law above says that a County Judge will adjudicate any violation of Municipal Law which the Personnel and Procedures Manual is certainly a statute of the town of White Springs since changes to it must be approved by the Council. The minutes of the Organizational Meeting are certainly MINUTES.

Uncle Tom mie Boy just can’t tell the truth even when it calls into question the veracity of his town clerk. He lies as a matter of policy to save himself even if it makes Mrs. Brazil a liar in the process.

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