We purchase Equipment and then nothing gets done about the water problems plus Code Enforcement discrimination

With the Wastewater revitalization project, Mayor Miller inquired of our Town Manager as to whether we would fill the position for a Water Wastewater Engineer.  Ms. Tebo indicated that there were no qualified candidates, which Mayor Miller indicated that she saw three viable candidates in the White Springs Journal.  Stacy Tebo said that Harry Davis is still filling in and will continue and it was decided not to have an engineer.

Mayor Miller then stated that the Plan Requirements are to fill the needs on a long term basis and stay in Compliance.  Ms. Tebo stated that Ray Vaughn is Training to be the Water/Wastewater Guy, but needs to get his certification.

I, Karin Griffin, piped up and stated that it seems that the majority of the complaints at tonight’s meetings stemmed from Water problems and some even about grass and other things not being handled.  Why is it then that we purchased an expensive excavator so problems such as this could be handled by Vaughn as well as clearing the ditches.

Mayor Miller then questioned Ms. Tebo as to how much time is being spent by Ray Vaughn in training with Harry Davis.  Ms Tebo said that would be hard to judge because Ray Vaughn and Harry Davis are in contact by phone all the time.  Mayor Miller then asked that Ray Vaughn and Harry Davis come to the meeting and discuss what they are doing insofar as their jobs. Ms. Tebo stated it could not be the next meeting because the Auditor, Ken Daniels will be discussing White Springs’ financials.  It was put off until the June meeting.

What we found out is that we have a natural resource in White Springs and that is Tommie Jones.  Although he is not certified Tommie Jones has had twenty (20) years of experience in Water and Wastewater and he is willing to get his certification.  Tommie moved back into the home he previously rented to Spencer Lofton and is caring for his father.  He is also working on his Master’s Degree.  As far as I am concerned he would be excellent for taking over the Water/Wastewater Directorship and Mayor Miller was also very interested in him so Joe provided him his books for securing a certification and he was told to secure an application from Town Hall.  He is an amazing person and definitely should be considered.

Although everyone was raving about our new Code Enforcement officer Shonda Werts, under the prior administration it was found that she went after certain individuals because they were not favorable with how she handled things or that there were personal reasons reflected under Spencer Lofton’s Mayorship whereby anyone associated with Mayor Miller was discriminated against.  Nikki Williams was one of those individuals.  The Williams own three antique cars, one of which was damaged by the hurricane.  They do not have license plates, but they are to be renovated.  But currently it is the last thing on the Williams’ family’s minds.  Mr. Williams is bedridden and Ms. Werts waited until Nikki and her family were not on the premises to ticket the vehicles.  Nikki, rightfully so, was upset and felt her family was being discriminated against.  Anita Rivers filmed Nikki’s complaint at the Workshop and it may be on her facebook.

She also tried discriminating against we the Griffins when what she was describing needed to be done was not our property.  I guess that’s the way the previous administration is.

One individual stated that it is difficult to get anything out of Town Hall because the staff is so RUDE.


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  1. Did you happen to notice the brand new ford F150 sitting under the pole barn. O no wait you wont see it because he gets to take it home. This town cant afford to keep paying for all these vehicles to be taken home every day.

  2. You need to understand the water and sewer plan. There were qualified applicants, 1 of whom wanted to do the job on a part time basis, which is what the job really requires as Townsend did it. But that is not the Tebo plan. Andrew left the position and went with a private company, The Florida Rural Water Association (FRWA). Now if Tebo gets her way the Town will contract water and sewer to The Florida Rural Water Association (FRWA) and wallah Andrew is back as a contract employee doing the same job. Do you get it yet.

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