We need for the Town to provide the Seniors of WS a Community Center they may enjoy all year

We have a Womens or Community Center that virtually sits until the Town has an event or for some reason someone rents it for a wedding receiption or political function.   Why can’t the Community Center be used daily/weekly for a one-time fee of $15-25 per year for the purpose of senior activities. . This would be an opportunity for Seniors to socialize, to connect with trusted and caring people and to be provided recreational programs and special activities.

Volunteer opportunities would be available for seniors and local communities to share their talents and skills with seniors in our community.

This would be a great place for men and women of every nationality to get to know their neighbors. Sometimes community centers include such things as yoga, playing cards, chess, farkle and other games which may include board games with other members ball room dancing or other forms of musical and artistic talents and crafts;

The members should be able to request the types of activities they may wish to have; or if they just wish to have that cup of coffee and sit and watch everyone else, or talk to a few people, that would be their prerogative.

It also would give an opportunity for everyone to share skills and knowledge with others about favorite  activities and hobbies, some of which may be a suggested activity.

Many seniors are all alone and when one gets to that age, you find your close friends may not be here any longer. One needs to not feel alone.

So why not provide Seniors with a wonderful experience, of doing their own form of activities in one central space?  Everything doesn’t have to be done at one time, but it certainly would be nice to start taking steps for activities and socializing, ending up with the ability to make meals once a week for our seniors.

Also in my home town, ladies volunteer to provide a meal for seniors once a week.  Farmers provide vegetables and other dishes are supplied or purchased.  It gives everyone a chance to have one great meal a week.  And for the people who cook the meal, they know exactly how many meals to prepare for because one calls in advance to make the reservation.  The suggested donation  is $4.00 per week/per meal for those 60 and over.  If younger the charge is $7.25-8.00..  And it is enjoyable to share bread with those in the community.

Older member volunteers can be there to assist seniors in their activities and many in the town can take turns donating food or other items for the seniors to enjoy; like coffee and a pastry or cookies.  At the other times in the week people may decide to bring in their own food or food to share with a few friends.

It is time to become a community and time to realize you may have new found friends to make your life more enjoyable.

The ability to provide our senior citizens with an active community center is a better benefit than paying attorneys to protect Rhett Bullard and our Town Manager.


Karin for the blog

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