Update on the Dyes who lost everything in the fire and who did not have home insurance

Mr. Dye (Sammy) came by today and I can confirm what we did not have previously.  Mrs. Dye (Kathy) wears a size 2.  Since she is tiny there are not too many who may provide her with clothing.  I ordered some for her and had only a very small group of one size items here, which I sent over with Mr. Dye.

In the meantime the Hardware has posted notices that they are taking contributions for the Dyes.  They do not have the storage to assist with other items.  Mr. Dye has moved some of the items people have given to them to his motel room and we are keeping the items we have for him at the house. I mainly have provided kitchen items from dishes to pots and pans, hand mixer, large knives and glassware. I have ordered bath towels and kitchen towels.  To my knowledge they do not have some simple appliances like a coffee pot, toaster, microwave, TV and the like as well as simple things like potholders forks and knives, etc. if you have some of these extra items.

The Dyes do not have much of anything.  We provided some  T-shirts Joe has never worn, but I am certain some of you guys may be Sammy’s size and may have some items they wish to share or can share. We shared all of Joe’s small clothes with Jerome Jones a few years back so we have none.

We also have officials from our Town Council, the Mayor and Councilman Tom Moore, who are investigating housing and fund raising.  This town has really come together and we thank you and appreciate any assistance you may be able to give to the Dyes.

The Dyes are a wonderful couple and they lost so much including an RV which had some of Kathy Dyes grandmothers items which were given to her.  I can’t imagine being in their situation so let’s see what we all can do for this lovely couple.

Thank you again for helping this great couple.  Even the smallest contribution will assist and show that you care.  It will be greatly appreciated by the Dyes

Karin for the blog.


Our thanks to our Great Firefighters who have done what they can and for connecting with the Red Cross who has been assisting the Dyes with immediate necessities.  Your service to the community is above and beyond anything I have ever seen. .You are the greatest group of firefighters and White Springs is so lucky to have you all.

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