There will be people, perhaps even Helen, who will tell us we need to be civil and curtail our comments on Town Affairs to the future and not look back. To that line of conversation I say BULLSHIT. Rhett, Spencer Stacy Tracy and Pam deserve all of the the language we can give them about thier job performaces. If it wasn’t for them White Springs would not be in the SAD SAD shape that it is..

I say come loaded for BEAR and speak your mind. It will probably take three or four workshops to cover just the disappointments I have with the GANG of Six which includes Tonja. I know others feel the same way. Here is a chance for Helen to earn her billing. None of this not talking poorly about Townsend this time. I’m loaded and I encourage all citizens who have some gripes about town business to also come loaded.

I wonder if Stacy, Tracy, Tonja and Spencer will have the courage to even attend.. Doubtful. Godbless them for passing MR 19-03. I’ve got enough complaints on each of them to fill up two hours of discussion. I hope others will too.


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