Town gets Ground Termite Protection but the bigest Termite of all, Tebo, can’t get fixed

The Town has had the Community Center treated for termites, as previously Town Hall had been treated.  The quote was $1,485 for the initial feeders in the ground with $193.05 paid annually.  The Town really got a deal because our Termite protection cost over $1,700 initially and we pay over $400 annually.

Tebo also mentioned that Waste Pro will provide a dumpster at the Carver School free of Charge.

Friday Done Right because of inclement weather was cancelled and is rescheduled for May 31st.



Karin for the blog



termite is a tiny insect that can cause big problems (like Tebo who doesn’t know what she’s doing)Termites eat wood, and they can severely damage buildings. If you have termites in your house, you’d better call an exterminator.  (Tebo not only damages buildings but takes Towns financially down the toilet with her actions and poor management skills.  She hires the worst of the worst so she looks good and fires anyone who is more intelligent who dares to question her.  Sad but there is no exterminator for someone like her)

Termites live in large colonies, like ants, and they have a habit of remaining concealed from view (Like Tebo hiding in her office). These characteristics, along with their taste for wood, mean they often destroy wooden houses or other structures from the inside, leaving a thin layer of wood that hides the destruction until it’s too late to stop it. In some places, it’s common for people to eat termites.

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