This is not a chess game Rhett and Stacy but rather a serious matter!

This morning we received a message from Stacy Tebo stating “Have a Nice Day”.  This was in conjunction to Joe requesting a cost and attorney Fee motion with respect to the Injunction Stacy Tebo lost. Yes she wasted Town Stamp/postage and paper which she has for all her law cases as well.

Stacy Tebo thinks this is some type of game…”Hit Joe with your best shot”.   She doesn’t seem to understand that the matter is serious.  She and Rhett Bullard have broken the law several times in White Springs; she’s an admitted drug user per her deposition on the River’s case; and she has no problem getting rid of good people who do not break the law.

I have finally understood Stacy Tebo’s traits especially with respect to her lying abilities.  She speaks slowly and like a storywriter on paper, keeps adding lies to what she initially stated in story form.  It doesn’t change the fact that she is a liar.  At the injunction she even lied that Joe Griffin was stalking her with his yellow jeep at her residence in Lake City. She had further barred him from Town Hall which was illegal and at the last minute said to Judge Scaff, “Since Karin admitted she writes 60% of the items on the blog, we should add her name to the injunction”.   I thought I would die laughing inside because we couldn’t show outside laughter in court.

Yes I place my opinions on each and every judicial paper, hers or Debary’s regarding her lawsuits for her job, money and to take out people she doesn’t like.  Yes it is much like what she is doing in White Springs so it is nice to have a reference.  But obviously it doesn’t take an attorney to determine that those Lawsuits in DeBary would not grant her fruit.  Instead, they are closing the case without granting any of her wishes.

I am shocked that someone who has an MPA and who was in H.R. does not understand one iota of the law.   But she is like a child in so many ways and fortunately for her White Springs is the right place because she met her TWIN SOUL, Rhett Bullard.

Good ole Rhett made certain he called in Jeffrey Siegmeister, State’s Attorney to assist her but when it was delayed, Dana Brady Giddens had to assist.   The Third Judicial Circuit has become so dirty and self serving since Siegmeister came in power.  Skip Jarvis at least followed the law but only made a couple of bad decisions and left to not hurt his career…but we heard Mr. Siegmeister lied about what he did as well.

After what Attorney, Mrs. Hightower and others went through to try and get Mr. Siegmeister do one thing for them regarding their situation in Jasper, I am losing all respect for him. It took them three hours. He also tried diminishing Joe Griffin when Griffin was referred to.    If Mr. Siegmeister keeps this up, the only people who will vote for him will be corrupt people/towns and attorneys.

Yes, Mr. Siegmeister, stick up for the idiotic lawyer who do not have any insight into the law and if you do, you also allegedly use the the law for your own benefit.  The only good thing you did was remove Karen Hatton from our case and placed another good ASA in her place who could read the writing on the wall in our case.  

I am sick to death that the Sheriff’s department won’t do a thing regarding a criminal charge which should be aggravated assault against Charles Williams in Jasper….because it was a “he said she said” two people involved case….not realizing others at Town Hall are equally frightened of this apparent sick mentally ill man who really should no longer be a town manager.

At least there was one thing to favor.  I would have possibly not met Attorney Hightower, had it not been for her caution to not be sitting in front of Charles Williams who carries a gun at the Jasper Meetings and I lucked out by sitting by her.  Now we have others to compare notes with in regard to Rhett Bullard.

Do you realize the Jasper charter has not been changed since 1954 or 1956?   When I suggested that Charles Williams should be criminally charged with Aggravated Assault (which isn’t going to happen in the 3rd Circuit) the lady in the pink shirt who gave me a dirty look and a good “hurumph” and left, was the previous Mayor who brought Charles Williams in. 

I also wonder what Charles Williams did at PCS also with respect to putting land in his own name which was to have been in PCS’s name, which ultimately terminated his employer.   If someone knows, please write to us.  He came to Jasper telling the people he had real estate and grant experience….but it appears it was stealing abilities.  Apparently because of Charles Williams, as long as he is Town Manager PCS will never provide funds for Jasper.  It is a shame.


What do we have in Hamilton County, are Sicko’s at every level.   I used to believe in the law but then NV, ND, MN, lawyers, judges and States’ attorneys, were not like anything I have seen here.  MN is now lacking with the Democratic/Muslim situation but NV doesn’t take crap from anyone and that is what I remember.

Can you believe Mr. Bullard, who never shuts up at the Jasper Meetings, agreed to $300 per council person  for medical insurance?  It’s a damned good thing he didn’t try that in White Springs.  Rhett as the previous power of Three did not care about his fiduciary responsibilities; just what was in it for him.

I really feel sad for the Jasper people and what Rhett has done there.  If they take our suggestions to place complaints in about what he has done and how he has damaged the laws of the State and the Constitution, perhaps he will finally lose his law license because no attorney I have ever known in my  many years in business would dare act like he has.  But again, Rhett Bullard had met his Twin Soul in Stacy Tebo.  A Twin Soul completes each other but in this case each twin appears to not have a soul in the manner in which each treats people.  

I still think Rhett will take down Stacy Tebo because there is nothing in writing from Rhett; instead all of his requests are verbally and I doubt if Stacy Tebo has kept tapes.  In the Third Judicial District, who will believe Stacy Tebo?  DeBary and her EEOC complaint of confusion will be referred to and she will take the heat and be sued by the Town of White Springs for all the money which has been spent illegally.



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