This is how Stacy handles co-workers – It is amazing that any staff has stuck with her in White Springs

From:  Stacy Tebo

Sent:  Thursday, February 21, 2013  9:38 AM

To:  Dan Parrot (City Manager of DeBary)

Subject:   Barbara

Dan, I am beyond frustrated with Barbara.  You need to do something about her.  She is incapable of handling background checks and making up conversations she claims we had in the work room.  She can’t remember conversations we had a couple days ago.  She does not seem to have any mental clarity and it boarders on the ridiculous.  (THIS SOUNDS A LOT LIKE OUR FINANCE MANAGER/TOWN CLERK)

She brought in 2 background checks that were okayed by you and left them on my desk while I was talking on the phone.  The 2 checks were for PW maintenance worker and a tennis instructor.  Then she comes in again mumbling about criminal checks as they relate to verifying a drivers license.  She was holding paperwork for the tennis instructor.  She was claiming I gave her 2 background checks and that I didn’t know who these 2 people would be working for.  I pointed out the post it note on the paperwork that specifically said “tennis instructor”.  It is difficult to even explain the crazy conversation that transpired.  She made absolutely no sense.  I even repeated to her what I said at her desk when I handed the tennis instructor’s paperwork.  I told her not to check the driver’s license but do the criminal check and verify the social security number.


She is confused and inept.  She is also nasty and combative.  Other employees are calling me because they are afraid of making Barbara mad (and that is easy to do).  She would not put up the P & Z schedule on the website with the January meeting cancellation notice.  I told Annette to forward me the P & Z stuff and I would handle Barbara.  Barbara is also making things up regarding the website.  If she doesn’t feel like doing something, she will lie about it and say that the website guy has to handle it and she cannot reach him.  Or she’ll say that you told you told her not to do it.


I am sick of putting up with it.  I am not alone in this either.  Anyone in this building would agree with me.

Stacy Tebo, CMC



From:  Dan Parrott

Sent:  Tuesday February 26, 2013 9:39 AM

To:  Stacy Tebo

Cc:  Kassandra Blissett, Alan Williamson, John Fletcher, James Seelbinder, Rebecca Hammock

Subject:  Barbara

Stacy, I have taken a couple of days to reflect on your emails and the noticeable change in attitude you have exhibited over the last several months.  The incendiary emails are not productive nor professional.  The main complaints I hear from employees are not concerning Barbara, but rather a reluctance to work with you.  The main comments surround your abrasive and critical style and assuming authority to make decisions you do not possess.

In the future, you are not to meet with employees concerning operational issues.  You may, however, continue to meet with employees concerning those HR duties that may arise.

As to new employee hires, the responsibility of HR is to coordinate the process, not make a final decision on which one to hire.  In the future new hires are not to be finalized until selected by and signed off by the requesting department and myself.


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