This Fire Department fiasco has to end Tebo is not doing her job and is a waste of money in White Springs

Steve Stith gave his report on the Fire Department.  He said there were only two calls and they received no page.  There was a Tree down on Jewett Street and one on 25A.  What about the fire where four calls were made by dispatch and White Springs didn’t answer.

White Springs has not received revenues or a stipend budget from the County.  He, Stith, is paying $100 a day from 8:00 am to 7:00 PM for one or two people to be at the Station on weekends.

Stith states he has 12 volunteers, one in Fire School but two will be booted out.   The county allows 25 minutes to get to a call by the County.  And everyone is within 15 minutes/15 miles.

Steve Stith stated that our former firefighters walked out and they could come back again but as we all know and what the rest of the Council needs to know is that they will not work under Stith’s leadership and would willingly leave their present volunteer posts for White Springs if Pittman was their chief.

Our Mayor Miller has tried and tried to explain that we currently do not have a valid fire department under the current leadership.  Mayor Miller even stated that she likes Steve Stith Personally along with his wife and inlaws.  But, we need a fire department and many citizens have called her believing that there is no Fire Department and that our current Chief has no firefighters..

Mr. Thomas Brazil also gave a passionate speech to the council but apparently our White Springs Council does not care about fire protection for their homes much less fire protection for the rest of the citizens.  Instead our Councilors, with the exception of Mayor Miller, just accept the lies Steve Stith gives them.  Stacy Tebo on the other hand has made it clear that she is the Supervisor and what she states goes, but frankly she doesn’t give a damned if the entire White Springs burns down but that she protect Stith who protects Greene.  As long as the money comes in for this poor manager of White Springs and her cohorts, don’t expect anything unless our Council finally gets some gonads.

These days Walter McKenzie continually makes comments which I believe related to me.  I am sorry to offend you Walter, but I speak my mind and I wish that you would not be fearful of speaking yours.  You would receive far more respect.  I am not a politician who is afraid to offend someone and if you do not get off your high horse and do something for the Citizens, your long …too long in my opinion…time on the council should come to an end because you are too afraid to help your constituency. You would not even believe the firefighters letter of No Confidence” and you have allowed our Town to be without fire protection because you were fearful of Bullard and a possible lawsuit if you actually gave an opinion.   I can understand Spencer Lofton not doing anything, but Spencer has too big of an ego and a grudge against Helen Miller.  He would have to have his house burn down  in order to be upset…but then he doesn’t own the house he is in, does he?

God help us all if our Councilors will not assist Mayor Miller in implementing the changes which are necessary to assist our Town.


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