There is no safe way to get to Willie Guy Turner Park – Safety is Necessary

We received a grant of $100,000 from the Stephen Foster Memorial for Willie Guy in honor of his name and the Willie Guy Turner Park park recently reopened after the improvents were made.   Those in attendance at the grand opening  on  April 18th were Vice Mayor Tonja Brown, Councilman Spencer Lofton,Councilman Walter McKenzie, Town Manager Stacy Tebo and Finance Director Town Clerk Pam Tomlinson.

When Tamara (our daughter) went to do some shopping for me in Lake City after my surgery, she mentioned something that I have never brought up but have seen.   The park is behind Dollar General and Highway 41 separates the park from the residential areas and sidewalks.   There is no safety whatsoever, and if you do not go to the park by vehicle or if you have no vehicle, you are taking your life into your hands.

Tamara mentioned there was a dad with a child on each side of him holding his hand, making an attempt to cross 41 to the park and it did not appear the cars coming from Lake City wished to stop.  On the way back, Tamara found where some children were trying to outrun traffic to get to the other side.  THIS IS NOT SAFE

With $100,000 in Grants, some safety for our families should have been considered.  No we cannot afford a  walking bridge for that amount of money or the steepness it would be, but we can surely afford safety.  Somewhere near the sign that tells one to go 35 mph before entering White Springs, there should be a sign that states “Children Crossing'”  “Children at Play – be prepared to Stop.”  There should be caution lights like those when school begins or the students are leaving for home and perhaps there should be a sign reducing the speed to 20 mph both ways.  One can usually see children crossing when going toward Lake City, but in coming back, they could be hit because of the speed of vehicles.

Please White Springs Police Department do something to save the Children and their brave parents so that they can cross 41 safely while going to the Willie Guy Turner Park .  The Town did not see fit to stretch the lighting to that part of town so I hope that the Town will do something before we have death or injury of a beautiful child.


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