The Town doesn’t follow ordinances nor LDR’s and it may have to so we do not go bankrupt from Legal costs



The town must follow the law. Unbelievable but TRUE. All of the BIG Five ordinances plus the LDR’s have fines for non-adherence. If the town had just followed the Ordinances and assessed the fines required for non-compliance there would be more than enough money to fund the Police Department as as well as the fire department.

But NO. The town decided to fight legal actions brought to force compliance and spend literally thousands of dollars rather than call a trashy yard a trashy yard because it was a Special Folk who owned the trashy yard. In one case the town could have had almost a thousand dollars in fines and not spent nearly three thousand dollars defending its right to grant special favors for special folks.

And the yard is still trashy today, who’d of thunk it? The Government of Inaction and Special Favors is what we got. Shame on us.


For the town it is a hand’s down winner. If our police officers give a speeding ticket they must go to Jasper to Court and testify. Let’s say everything was done correctly and the speeder gets a fine of $125.00. How much of that comes back to White Springs? $5.00 is all. Now let’s say that the Police give a parking violation, under our parking ordinance, to say myself. If everything was done right the fine is $25.00. ALL of the $25.00 goes into the coffers of White Springs. It is safer and 500% more cost effective to give the Parking Ticket, ASSUMING THE TOWN WANTS TO ENFORCE ITS ORDINANCES.

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