The Tebo – Council Dilemma – It’s up to you citizens

It would have been easier to have been rid of Ms. Tebo during her probationary period.  Unfortunately, with Tebo being here for four years and she is under contract until 2020, the biggest thing is the fact that she will try to sue anyone even if everything is false.  It will take four votes of the council to eliminate her and unfortunately two out of five councilors will do nothing about Tebo’s lack of commitment to the town, even though our liquidly is almost at zero.  But if we are bankrupt, the County Takes over and Tebo will have no one to sue.


Stacy ultimately has proven to be a drag on the Town administration so much so  that the will to retain her service is outweighed by the benefits of someone else doing the job. Ms Tebo is now in a place where citizens like myself want Stacy Tebo fired.


It has become necessary that the Council have candid conversations with Ms. Tebo at our meetings to indicate whether or not the relationship has any possibility of working out.  Nobody wishes to be fired and with Ms. Tebo, she tries to sue even though she doesn’t have a ground to stand on.  But the attorneys who have written the management contract have a lot to learn.  There should have been clauses relating to specific violations wherein it would not require four votes of the council but rather a majority of three.  We have a Town Manager who uses drugs, spends money without budgeting or realizing when there is a major problem.  But mostly  Ms. Tebo has no concern for the citizens of White Springs and is very nasty to the Citizens as well as certain council members.


Remember, Ms. Tebo, most municipalities are not as easy as White Springs which will hire anyone just to have a body in place.  But it would be better if  Ms. Tebo, would leave her job with White Springs since it is a bad fit for everyone. It may be easier to find a new job, while she’s still employed.
Perhaps The Town Council can discuss the possibility of Ms. Tebo becoming the Town Clerk and Finance Manager.  After all, Ms. Tebo stated frequently that she does  not enjoy being a manager, so why should the rest of us suffer because of it.   Discuss Ms. Tebo taking over the Town Clerk and Finance Manager position and she then can most likely retain her contract and severance with no opportunity to sue.  Frankly, she has handled her job so poorly, that there is no way that she would be able to sue us, but the fact is that her false accusations against other people cause years of defense cost; For DeBary, this has been ongoing for more than three years and I doubt if she will win.  But seriously, Ms. Tebo would have to work a five day forty hour week.  And if it doesn’t suit her, she  can search for another job while working in White Springs.
We definitely need more than one performance evaluation a year, especially now, since Ms. Tebo has chosen to drain most of the Town’s resources without a Fiduciary responsibility to the Citizens.   This money was not Tebo’s to spend and blaming the council when she has never given them a statement of how dire our financials are will not work.  Tebo just didn’t do her job as was listed in Her contract, The Personnel Manual and the Charter from the time she has been employed by White Springs. And that is why you have kept Pam Tomlinson on even though she is ridden with mistakes and has never had an education in accounting and finance….but perhaps, Tebo doesn’t understand finance, or accounting either.


Unfortunately the way in which Ms. Tebo has performed her job, makes it extremely worthwhile for the Town to hire someone who understands all aspects of a municipality so that they can coach Tebo and assist her on an as-needs basis to detect and fix her many shortcomings so that she can still retain a job in White Springs, while searching for another
But alas, our council does not have the chutzpa to stand their ground and if nothing is done soon to reign in this financial problem and set policies for a leaner government, everyone will lose even the officials.  This is the way I will see it handled:


Vice Mayor Walter McKenzie will need a long time to make that decision because he worries about everything and is fearful mostly of making a decision which may not be popular with some and especially he is concerned about someone suing him..  Like in the case when there was a no confidence letter on Greene, he did not take the side of the firefighters even though there was factual information so he said he would have to hear “Greene’s” side first. But first we will have to hear him discuss both sides for at least a half hour and then table it for another day.
Mayor Helen Miller wants what is best for the Citizens.  On one hand Tebo is sue crazy even if there is no chance of her winning under the circumstances she has placed our Town, but it will cost us in defense.  Mayor Miller wishes the Town to respond to the Citizens and in spite of Tebo’s attacks against Miller, she will perform her position in a fair and equitable manner but  it will require assistance from Tebo and the Staff and probably outsiders to make certain White Springs does not go bankrupt.  If Tebo continues her nastiness for no reason whatsoever, I have no fear that Miller will take her down.
Tom Moore is a nice honest man and wishes to be fair to everyone. He would vote for fairness for Ms. Tebo because he doesn’t wish hurting anyone. I had heard initially that he was considering voting for Spencer Lofton as Vice Mayor but of course Lofty spoiled that when he told Tom in so many words that he did not have to get along with anyone.  What a loss and Lofty apparently didn’t understand that the people aside from him, Rhett and Arthur, do not institute gangs for their own purpose of hurting the Town or some individuals or the Administration, like Lofty would.
Councilor Tonja Brown likes Stacy Tebo because Tebo took her in and made her feel like an equal, in spite of Ms. Brown’s inability to use her mind.
Spencer Lofton is evil to the core and if Mayor Miller suggests anything, he will go against her even if every other councilor believes Miller’s decision may be the best.
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Well Citizens, you may have to not only keep calling Helen Miller but also Walter McKenzie , Councilman Moore, and Councilman Brown and speak your mind.  We have many problems and Tebo has spent so much money that it will take years to get back on tract.

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  1. NO, NO, NO! TEBO NEED TO GO! If she is given the job as Town Clerk/Finance Director then she will continue to cheat on the elections and will also run our finances down even more. NEITHER SHOULD BE AN OPTION!
    Anita Rivers

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