The RHATT Watch Day 8

  The RHATT Watch

Day 8


Today is Thursday, May 3rd, Day 8 of the Rhatt Watch.  In the State of Florida, if someone believes that an official has taken, or is taking, part in an activity which is inappropriate, that person can make a complaint to the Commission on Ethics, pursuant to Section 112.324 of the Florida Statutes.  It is the responsibility of the Commission to conduct an investigation into the complaint and based upon the results take such action as it deems appropriate.  This is precisely what has been happening in White Springs.  Red-face Ratt, his Lapdog and other flunkies are under investigation by the Commission on Ethics.  Red-face Ratt has elected to hide this investigation and not request a public hearing.  If you have lived in or near White Springs, you know that complaints related to pedophilia, drugs, threats, bribes and a whole assortment of other types of corruption are undoubtedly true.  Hopefully, the Commission will halt these violations of the public trust before they can take hold throughout all of Hamilton County.

Has anyone seen Red-face Ratt, his Lapdog and other flunkies lately?  If you have any insights, please let the authorities and us know.  It seems like a few of the drug suppliers in and around White Springs have gotten a little nervous lately.  And, they should be nervous.  Recall, the Red-face Ratt is toxic, very toxic.  He’ll throw anybody, including his own family, under the bus to save his own neck.  Time is running out.  If you have been involved in pedophilia, drugs, bribes and corruption with the Red-face Ratt in the last twenty years, and if you don’t want to spend the next decade, or longer, in prison, you need to get to the State Attorney first.  Also, it’s highly likely Red-face Ratt is wearing a wire now.


When will the Commission on Ethics take action?  When will the Florida Bar take a look at Red-face Ratt’s activities?  When will Florida’s local, regional and State law enforcement undertake thorough investigations of Red-face Ratt, his Lapdog and other flunkies?  Or will Red-face Ratt and his Lapdog resign first?  When will the State Attorney indict Red-face Ratt? For how long could Red-face Ratt go away?  And who will Red- face Ratt bring down with him?


It’s Day 8 and Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Watch continues!

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