The RHATT Watch Day 28

The RHATT Watch

Day 28


Today is Wednesday, May 23rd, Day 28 of the Rhatt Watch.  Back on Thursday, May 10th, Bienville Plantation held an event from 5:30 to 7:30 in the evening.

Bienville’s intent was to have a “Launch Party” for its 2018, second annual “Party in the Pines Music Festival”.  They provided refreshments and entertainment to a host of sponsors, entertainers, officials and a variety of friends with whom Bienville shared an announcement regarding artists and entertainment for the 2018 Festival.  Attendees report the Launch Party was a tremendous success.  And of course, the Party was shortly after the White Springs Town Council’s Workshop on funding for un-budgeted Summer Programs, out of a virtually bankrupt community.  And as sure as the Sun rises in the East every morning, the Red-face Ratt showed up with his new “boy-toy” Suck-up Lofty. The Ratt was probably there, not for the refreshments and entertainment, but rather to show off his “boy-toy” and access opportunities for himself and the “cousins” to filch resources of value from Bienville in the foreseeable future.  You know how “us ‘Cousins’ gotta stick together.”

Poor Bienville!  They are trying to create and grow a successful business, bring jobs to White Springs and Hamilton County, and be good citizens to the region and the Ratt’s roaming around their event and probably thinking about which pockets to pick and how to get his hands into them.  After all, the Ratt has nearly bankrupted White Springs and needs new sources of funding.  He’s still working on bankrupting Jasper, the Nepotism Authority and Dixie County, but he has his signs on Jennings and Hamilton County.   If Bienville doesn’t watch out, they could get their pockets picked clean.  But that’s the way of the Ratt “Clean em’ out and move on”

 Bienville better lock-up your wallet.  When will the institutions and residents of White Springs and Hamilton County see the Ratt for what he really is?   How long do we need this level of pedophilia, drugs, fraud and corruption to remain ongoing in White Springs and Hamilton County?  You know the White Springs Police chief has a nice strong pair of pink cuffs.  What’s the Chief waiting for?  When are those cuffs going to be slapped onto the Ratt’s wrists” and What about the druggie Lapdog?  How long with the Lapdog remain free?  And then there’s the rest of the Ratt’s flunkies, when will something be done about each of them?  Head’s up “Cousins” if you think you are safe and will be protected by the Ratt.  THINK AGAIN!  According to witnesses, the Feds have been to White Springs at least once.  Somebody is feeding information to the Feds.  If it’s the Ratt, you are already dead meat.  If it’s not the Ratt, when they do latch onto him, he’s not going down alone, or not at all if he can help it.  He would probably put his own family or friends in the roadway and personally drive the bus over them.  You only have one good option.  Your best friend, and it’s not the Ratt or one of the other “Cousins”.  It’s the FBI.  Call the FBI office in Jacksonvillel  (904) 248-7000.  It’s your only hope!!!

Time to use your Phone!   It’s Day 28 and Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Watch continues!


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