The RHATT Watch

Day 22


Today is Thursday, May 17th, Day 22 of the Rhatt Watch. Residents of White Spring s have watched for years as the old “Dollar General” store remained idle and deteriorating.  It seemed like no one wanted to touch it with a ten foot pole.  And then a prominent citizen, Ivan Udell, saw a local need, recognized an opportunity to fulfill the need and help not only White Springs, but also the entire region.   Using his own resources, he developed a business plan, acquired the property and started to restore the building.


Now, the Ratt and his flunkies weren’t too happy about this development.  Sellout Willie demanded that the proposed business be relocated to some other part of town.   The Ratt took issue with the staff Udell retained and urged that he fire them and hire his “cousins”.   Udell persevered.  He met with and presented his business plan to State officials at the Department of Economic Opportunity and the Nepotism Authority. Surprisingly, the Nepotism Authority agreed to help with some funding. Their focus was on ensuring that the maximum proceeds, including Udell’s personal resources, went to the “Cousins”.  The real-estate fee went to “Cousin” Keith. “Cousin” Greg extorted the construction contract.  It’s taken nearly two years and overcoming every conceivable obstacle the Ratt, his “cousins” and his flunkies could place in his pathway, but Udell’s vision, fresh food locally for residents and jobs for many citizens, for White Springs is finally here


Governor Scott understands how the Ratt is working to subvert job creation in White Springs.  BTW:  The Nepotism Authority hasn’t provided so much as a penny to Udell, but they seized every dollar of his resources they could for the “Cousins”.


Have you noticed Red-face Ratt, his obedient Lapdog and other flunkies continue to remain in hiding.  It must be embarrassing for all of their families.  Talk about being toxic.  Not even Michael Cohen is as toxic as the Ratt!  His time is coming and he’s likely to be indicted soon.  As soon as that happens, the thought of going to prison will motivate him to try to avoid it at all costs.  And of course, your freedom might be one of those costs.  He’ll flip on anybody and everybody.  You know the story.  If you have been involved in pedophilia, drugs, bribes and corruption with the Red-face Ratt in the last twenty years, the last one to the prosecutor gets prison.  The first one gets freedom.  Better, far better, to be first!!  By the way, if you are still working with the Red-face Ratt, he’s probably recording everything you discuss.  The bus is just around the corner and he wants to throw someone under it.  If you don’t know who you can trust, try the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.  By the way, word on the street is that the Ratt is about to roll over on his obedient druggie Lapdog.  My, My, who would have thought?

How much more will Governor Scott tolerate from the Ratt’s interference with job creation? When will Florida’s local, regional and State law enforcement undertake thorough investigations of Red-face Ratt, his obedient Lapdog, “cousins” and other flunkies?  When will the State’s Attorney indict Red-face Ratt?  Or, maybe Red-face Ratt and his obedient Lapdog will resign first. There’s a lot of betting ongoing on Mill Street.   Odds favor the Ratt getting about thirty-five years.  The real question is “Will the Lapdog be convicted first”?  And who else will Red-face Ratt bring down with him?  Would you want to deal with someone you absolutely cannot trust?   Someone who is trying tosave his hide at the expense of yours?   How long will Red-face Ratt wait for someone to slap on the pink handcuffs?


Be very careful.  It’s Day 22 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Watch continues!





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