The RHATT Watch Day 15

The RHATT Watch

Day 15


Today is Thursday, May 10th, Day 15 of the Rhatt Watch.  The Red[face Ratt received his undergraduate degree from Florida State University in 1995.  There is quite a bit of controversy at FSU concerning his tutors and who supplied him with completed assignments.  The Ratt received his law degree from Stetson University in 1999.  Again, controversy surrounded him concerning who and how he was helped through classes and exams.  Also in 1999, the Florida Supreme Court certified the Ratt to practice law in Florida.

Martindale, the official organization which tracks the qualifications of attorneys, indicates that one of Ratt’s very own partners gave him the lowest possible ratings for legal knowledge, analytical capability, judgment, communication and legal experience.  Clearly, his partner was aware of his involvement with pedophilia, drugs, bribery, fraud and all manner of corruption.

And, now, the Red-face Ratt wants to run for a Judgeship to replace Judge Decker.  Where in the world is the Florida Bar Association?  For admission to the Bar, a person must pass a moral character screening.  There is no way Red-face Ratt should have passed earlier (he’s been on drugs since high school) or the Ratt would fail today, and should have failed in 1999.  Apparently there are no longer moral or background requirements for attorneys or even Judges.  All it take is having “cousins” in the right positions.  You know, as the Ratt says, “us ‘cousins’ gotta stick together”.

When will the Florida Bar undertake a real, not a white-wash, investigation into Red-face Ratt?   There are dozens of youth who can shed light on pedophilia.  There are dozens of drug dealers who can shed light on Ratt’s drug buying and use habits.  In fact, there’s probably a video of Red-face Ratt at Billy-Bons snorting away.  There are scores of people who can speak to his threats, intimidation and bribes.  At least the Feds are asking questions.  Sooner or later, Red-face Ratt is going to roll and when he does, the “cousins” are going away.  Yeh! And watch out for the wire.

Where is the Florida Bar Association?  Doesn’t prosecuting immoral and corrupt  attorneys matter anymore?  Does the Ratt have a “cuz” on the Bar?  Is someone accepting bribes, a common Ratt approach, to protect the Ratt?  Who’s protecting the Ratt and why?  It’s probably a “cousin”.  In addition to Florida Bar discipline, the State Attorney needs to stop waiting for someone to give him a report.  The State’s Attorney needs to act.  And the prison system needs to get a couple of beds ready for the Red-face Ratt, his Lapdog and a few of the “sticking together cousins”.

Be Vigilant, it’s Day 15 and Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Watch continues!

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  1. The reason why no one will do a damn thing is because this entire county is screwed up. These old timers are only out for themselves an are stuck in 1800’s. Its time to run them out of town. We need new folks who will do the job for the people. If we dont stand up to the Small town BS politics then we might as well stop bitching about it. They dont want change if they did they would have started sooner. Its all a way for them to keep new things from coming into town and this county there is no reason for it but then only one i can see is that they keep it like that so they can keep there pockets full. If they allow outsiders to come in they might be smarter then they are an see what they are doing an put a stop to the money. Just a thought.

    1. You are 100% correct but as we have seen it is not so much the old but SOME of the old families because Rhett and Stacy are young and have caused the majority of these problems In this town, people vote on the color of one’s skin and what a white person may do for them like a beer for a vote. It is not a good situation. I look at how intelligent the firefighters are and our police officer and it would be wonderful to have such people on the council. Helen Miller is also an intelligent outsider and you can see what they tried to do to her. She stood up and they forfeited her seat. That is why she is fighting with a lawsuit and I with the ethics commission. And Officer Davis likewise has an ethics case against the Town, should he choose. Karin

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