The New Dawn is here and the hopes for a Greater White Springs than ever before

For Four Years we have had to watch the White Springs Infrastructure and camaraderie among the people turn into dust.  We have had the worst two mayors in the history of White Springs who have done nothing but tarnish the names of those who really care about the Citizens and our Town. And, from what I can see, it is all about their ignorance and jealousy of intelligent strong people which they themselves are not.  Instead they include uninformed incapable people to follow them to the depths of Hell to strike those who would dare to stand up to such aggressions.  

Even though today the rain is falling, purging the sins of the past four years, you the voters of White Springs have brought forth a strong leader in Mayor Helen B. Miller. Together with her Vice Mayor Walter McKenzie and Councilman Moore, they will bring back White Springs and the sun again will shine upon us in White Springs.  It will not be easy, especially with the damage which has already been done, but Joe and I and obviously a large following of citizens, have faith in her leadership.  Where Bullard and Lofton provided mouth service and nothing else substantial, our lady Helen, will bring us back to the White Springs which I believe will greater than what we ever could imagine. It will take time and our village to support and assist her and I am certain that each of you, her supporters, including myself, will be ready to assist her if we may be needed for any task.

It is inconceivable how certain Staff Members like Pam Tomlinson and former Andrew Greene including Officials like Brown, Jefferson, Bullard and Lofton,  could turn the tides against certain people like Mayor Miller just to cause pain, hurt, deceit, lies, slander and libel not only to Miller and McKenzie who have been continually attacked and chastised for doing what is right for White Springs but anyone and everyone who would stand against them. These same people belittled Tom Moore, a wonderful man who has done so much for White Springs. We, the Griffins, understand this more than one knows.  I am so happy that Mayor Miller has stood strong against the multiple accusations and attacks against her. I so look forward to her succeeding in every manner and way, of which she is so more than capable of.  It is time for new leadership which cares about the people of White Springs and who will do what is necessary to serve and protect our community.

It is unfortunate that we as people sometimes take the word of those who are not honest and who have their own agenda.  With former Mayor Rhett Bullard and former Mayor Spencer Lofton, it has been like a game to them, getting big wins by lying and eviscerating those who they do not like.  We don’t need games any longer but we need change to be rid of those who will do anything to overturn what is right for their own agenda.

Throughout the past four years, in spite of the once animosity between us, I have come to know and appreciate Helen Miller.  She and her husband live in White Springs.  Together with the help of their friends and following, have done much to help the community and our children and she cares deeply about our Town and its people. To her, Government is not some game of Chess but rather doing what is best for all the people.  She is highly intelligent and not only will she listen to your concerns, but she will hear what you have to say and implement the changes if possible through the Council of her Peers. If what you ask is not possible she will advise you and bring back transparency to our town. She is highly involved with the Florida League of Cities and has been recognized by the League for her leadership. This no longer is a dictatorship where Bullard instructs our Town Manager to do his dirty deeds and she in turn, ignorant of the fact that she has ruined her reputation for the second time, she willingly will do anything to follow Bullard’s off the cliff. It is sad for Ms. Tebo that she has followed the wrong people since her inception as manager.  As these tyrants have hurt others like Kevin Pittman and the brotherhood of firefighters, Anita Rivers an amazing young lady, and many others, I say again, the tides have changed and today, even though the rain, the Sun will shine in brilliance on White Springs and its people.

Our Mayor and our new council may need your support since we know two of the council members will fight anything she stands for.  Are you willing to Stand with Mayor Helen Miller? 


Karin for the blog

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  1. I must respectfully disagree with you Karin on one point. It is not sad for Ms, Tebo for what she did. She came here to White Springs with a sour attitude. Considering her prior work history it is obvious that she does not play well with others. Especially those who she perceives as smarter or higher up the chain of power than her. I believe that she dislikes any woman who is smarter, prettier or more successful than she thinks that she is. The only sad thing for Ms.Tebo is her low self esteem. Which apparently causes her to make bad choices. The real problem with Ms.Tebo is that she simply does not care about White Springs. I have never seen any evidence that she does. Has anyone? Does she show up to anything beyond council meetings? Has she supported anything that helps the town? I would really like answers to that question. What has Ms. Tebo done to support the town? Just one positive thing?

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